Results From Protective Asset Protection’s Latest Dealer F&I Survey

A growing number of dealers experiencing improved F&I sales by enabling customers to research and shop for F&I products online.

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Making Motorcycle and Powersport Insurance Rider-Centric

For too long, motorcycle and powersport insurance has been an afterthought. It’s time to change that.

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Boundless Rider Launches in Texas, Providing Specialty Insurance to Motorcycle and Powersport Riders

Insurance startup offers competitive, customizable policy coverage that can be purchased direct-to-consumer or through agents.

Boundless Rider
Protective Asset Protection Announces New Specialty Tire and Wheel Coverage Products For RV, Marine and Powersports Units

The new coverage is designed to help dealers increase customer options.

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Protective Asset Protection Adds New Courses, Resources to Dealer F&I Professional Development Program

In-person and online curriculua designed to help sharpen F&I skillsets for all levels.

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Ep. 81: 3-Wheeled Suzukis, Pay-Per-Mile Insurance and Ducati’s ‘Other’ Bikes?

The newest news on two, three and four wheels.

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What’s the Best Motorcycle Insurance?

We look into the best motorcycle insurance companies based on cost, coverage and reputation.

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Protective Asset Protection’s Lifetime Battery Protection Program

The program is available in all states except Florida and Washington.

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10 Crucial Tips for New Motorcycle Riders

Get comfortable with your bike and ride defensively.

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VOOM and Full Throttle Announce Partnership to Offer Motorcycle Insurance in the Motorverse

VOOM integrates its insurance offerings into the new motocross social platform, Full Throttle.

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How to Get Powersports Owners Interested in Geofence Alerts

If your customers’ eyes are glazing over, you’re not framing the conversation correctly.

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VOOM Pay Per Mile Motorcycle Insurance

Lowering motorcycle insurance costs In an age of inflation.

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