Walker Products Acquires Kingsborne Wire Werks

Walker Products has been producing custom ignition wire sets since 2003 for the automotive, industrial, agricultural, marine and motorcycle industries.

Walker Products, Kingsborne Wire Werks
Drag Specialties Ignition Switch Kit

Different kits are available for 1994 to 2011 and 2007 to 2011 models.

ignition switch kit
Drag Specialties Ignition Switch Kits

These kits are available for ’99 to ’06 FLHT/FLTR models.

Ignition Switch kit
Powersports Ignition Tips

Whether you’re an everyday rider or taking your bike out for the first time this season, you’ve got your fingers crossed that it’ll turn on without a struggle.

Drag Specialties Ignition Coil

Drag Specialties 3 ohm single-fire ignition coil improves overall performance including starting, stops high-speed misfires and also increases mileage.

No Spark, Part 2

We go deeper into testing the specific components of the ignition system.

Victory Lets the Sparks Fly

The two new concepts from Victory include the “Ignition,” which was unveiled at EICMA in November, and the “Combustion,” which was recently unveiled in New York. The two bikes offer a whole new take on a what a modern muscle bike could be.