Drag Specialities Premium Heavy-Duty Inner Tube

Protect your tires from unexpected punctures with the Drag Specialties Premium Heavy-Duty Inner Tube. This tube is a full 2mm thick compared to a standard tube which is 1.2mm thick. This thicker butyl/rubber construction makes it more durable and resistant to punctures than standard tubes. Fits  tires from 5.00/ 5.10”-16 through 180/65-16, and has a

Drag Specialities Inner Tube
Drag Specialties Premium Heavy-Duty Inner Tubes

Drag Specialties inner tubes feature a full 2mm thickness compared to a standard 1.2mm thick inner tube.

Malcolm Smith Racing Heavy-Duty Tubes 

The Malcolm Smith Racing Heavy-Duty and Ultra Heavy-Duty tubes are purpose-built to prevent you from getting stranded in the middle of Baja, getting pissed in the piste of Dakar or wherever your riding adventures may take you.