Drag Specialties July Products

This month features fork tubes, brake master cylinder assemblies, seats, clutch shells and battery cable kits.

Drag Specialties
Fork Adjusters (YZF)

The company uses a four-flute design and made them slightly taller to allow for easier adjustments with a more solid detent.

fork adjusters
Drag Specialties Fork Seal and Dust Wiper Kit

The triple-lip seal design features seal profiles that are engineered to equalize pressure in each seal lip, for less drag and longer seal life.

Drag Specialties OEM-Style Fork Tubes

New OEM style fork tubes from Drag Specialties have a highly durable hard chrome finish and offer less drag and improved wear.

Servicing Honda CRF250L Forks

The Honda CRF250L is a great bike to get into riding motorcycles. New owner’s and technicians will also find it a good bike to service and upgrade with fairly simple components and inexpensive OEM parts. A larger or more demanding rider very well may want to upgrade the budget stock suspension. An aftermarket replacement is