Works Connection Titanium Footpegs

Designed with a bigger platform and greater surface area over the stock footpegs, Pro Pegs provide the rider with the “ultimate grip” for better control.

Fastway EVO 4 Foot Pegs

Pro Moto Billet’s EVO 4 foot pegs feature all of the technology and design of the EVO Air pegs, wrapped up in a stainless steel body. Measuring 2.25″ front to back by 3.50″ wide.

Fastway Evolution AIR Footpegs

Designed and sculpted out of the best 2024 Billet aluminum by Pro Moto Billet elite engineers and machinists, then hard anodized and laser etched for looks- means that the Fastway Evolution AIR pegs are not your low quality imported run-of-the-mill footpegs.

Outlaw Racing Products Billet Adjustable Foot Pegs

Outlaw Racing’s Adjustable Footpegs help gain more control over your bike without sacrificing ride-ability. Manufactured out of high-strength 7075 billet aluminum with stainless steel cleated plates, these pegs are stronger than stock, deeper than stock, and have three adjustable positions for width.

Fastway AIR EXT Footpeg

Fastway AIR EXT’s are the next level in footpeg technology. Adding confidence and personalized control to your aggression on the bike.

Bahn Pegs

The all-new footpegs from Bahn are engineered with precision-machined styling and real-world functionality thanks to premium form-fitted rubber inserts that significantly reduce vibration.