4 Things to Look for in a GPS Tracker

Selling buyers on something that only might happen is a tough sell. Here’s how you can make it easier.

GPS tracker, navigation
The Benefits of Powersports GPS Systems

Maximize your personal watercraft sales and beyond.

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ARGO Announces Partnership with FreedomRoad Financial

ARGO announced they have entered into a retail financing agreement with FreedomRoad Financial that will provide their dealers and customers more flexibility.

Where F&I Can Help Increase Successful Contactless Transactions

F&I must play a leading role in helping educate people online during the research, transaction and post-sale phase of each sale.

Dealers See Bottom-Line Benefits from F&I Product Portfolio Review

Everything from reviewing F&I training protocols to refining inventory strategies are top-of-mind for dealers today.

Exceeding Customer Expectations in the Finance Office

Expectations about where the industry would be at this time in March were grim, but the social distancing-friendly nature of powersports vehicles proved our expectations to be incorrect – and for good reason.

HISUN Motors Announces New Business Relationship with Northpoint Commercial Finance

As part of a multi-year agreement, Northpoint will leverage its advanced set-up and approval process to support HISUN’s rapidly growing dealer network.

NPA Pre-Owned Market Insights Video, May 24-30

With no auctions running the week of May 24 – 30, this week’s NPA Used Market Insight video is a little different, as Tony Altieri, VP of business development at NPA interviews Jeremy Janson, who works with Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance.

F&I: How to Clean up a Credit Report

The process of trying to clean up a credit report takes time and patience. Some companies claim to be able to clean up a credit report and improve the credit score immediately. This is almost impossible and any company that guarantees it can do that instantly should be investigated very carefully.

F&I: Professional Communication Brings Sales

Just because someone presents a customer with a menu doesn’t mean they lose their voice or personality or that the sales process has become an automated one.

F&I: Proactive Approach vs. Reactive Approach

Today, the reactive approach is no longer enough to build a robust business. We need to have the “proactive business approach” to stand out in the crowded competitive environment.

BRP Reports Fiscal Year 2020 2nd Quarter Results

“We delivered another solid financial performance and record second-quarter results, driven by the success of Can-Am on- and off-road vehicles, with our side-by-side category driving robust growth in North America and Western Europe in particular.”