Custom Electric 1929 Henderson KJ Streamline

To our EV fans out there, you’re in for a treat. To our gas engine purists, hold your breath for this one. At Fuel Cleveland this year, Randy “Detroit” Hayward brought along his 1929 Henderson KJ Streamline to show us. Check it out!

Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Brand to be Auctioned at Mecum Las Vegas

The Excelsior-Henderson motorcycle brand and all its intellectual property will be auctioned at the 27th annual Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction, which will run Jan. 23-27 and present 1,750 motorcycles for auction.

OEM Update: 2017 Snapshot

A Glimpse at What Has Been Released in the Market Thus Far Still just a few months into 2017, numerous OEMs have been announcing new models to the market, and some have even hinted at what’s in store for 2018 models. Excelsior-Henderson Some OEMs such as Excelsior-Henderson are using 2017 to try and make a