Should You Change PWC Oil Before Winter Storage or After?

While the oil filter works hard all season, changing the oil is the only way to remove residual acids and moisture left in the crankcase.

Motorcycle and Powersport Lubricant Technology

When an oil is engineered for any application, it all starts with a base oil. The base oil is then blended with additives for a specific use and the formulated oil is packaged and distributed for sale to consumers.

Is Oil Filter Replacement Needed Every Time?

Some will think it is fine to just change the oil and not replace the filter. Is it ok?

Fumoto Designs Next Generation BSX-Series Engine Oil Drain Valves

The BSX-Series is the latest in engine oil drain valve innovation from Fumoto, designed with motorcycle owners in mind.

New Fumoto BSX-Series Engine Oil Drain Valves

Currently, Fumoto has released the BSX-Series for most Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki motorcycle engine oil drain applications. More models are expected to be added in the near future.

What Kind of Engine Oil Should I Use? Tech Line Questions Answered

Whenever we get that question on the S&S tech line, we know we’re in for a long conversation.