Victory Motorcycles’ First All-Electric Motorcycle: The Empulse TT

Victory Motorcycles has introduced the 2016 Empulse TT, the first all-electric addition to the Victory lineup. The Victory Empulse TT is a fully electric street-legal sport bike that is as capable of carving tight lines on twisting roads as it is powering the daily commute.

Scot Harden, Craig Vetter Talk Electric at AMA Vintage Days

With all of the old vintage machinery on showcase during AMA’s Vintage Days at Mid-Ohio, you may not think that anyone would care about electric when most of the infield is riding around on smoke burning two-stroke bikes. But that theory proved incorrect as there was a good-sized group gathered for last Saturday’s presentation on the 4th floor of the Goodyear Tower on the State of the Electric Motorcycle.

Victory Motorcycles to Race Prototype E-Bike at Isle of Man TT

Victory Racing will compete in the Isle of Man TT electric class, marking the first time that Victory Motorcycles has entered a professional motorcycle-racing event in Europe and raced an electric motorcycle. Parker, manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, is providing the race-proven, high performance GVM PMAC motors for both machines.

Zero Looks For Opportunity in Europe’s Largest Motorcycle Market

Zero has been laying the groundwork for its expansion into what export.gov cites as Europe’s largest market for motorcycles over 50cc.

Harley Seeks International Rider Input on Project LiveWire

Building on the excitement of Project LiveWire’s debut last year, select consumers in Asia, Europe, Canada and the U.S. will have an opportunity to ride and provide feedback on the bike, helping to guide the development of the new motorcycle, beginning this week with events at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit.

Polaris Acquires Hammerhead Off-Road Vehicles Business

Polaris Industries Inc. has signed an agreement to acquire HH Investment Limited (dba, Hammerhead). Hammerhead manufactures gasoline powered go-karts, light utility vehicles, and electric utility vehicles in Shanghai, China.

Polaris Acquires Brammo’s Electric Motorcycle Business

Polaris Industries Inc. has announced it has acquired the electric motorcycle business of Brammo Inc. Polaris will be the lead investor in a recapitalization of Brammo that enables the company to focus exclusively on the design, development and integration of electric vehicle powertrains. The two companies will leverage Polaris’ position in the global powersports industry

XY Powersports 30D Electric Side-by-Side

This offering from XY Powersports is powered by a 48V 3.8KW separately excited motor with a 6V 225Ah deep cycle low-maintenance battery, 48V 275A programmable multi-mode controller and a wide power supply 48V 25A smart charger.