Erik Buell to Present at Wisconsin Business Association Meeting

Erik Buell will be a presenter during a meeting of the Independent Business Association of Wisconsin (IBAW) held at the Wisconsin Club in Milwaukee on December 15.

Erik Buell Racing to Debut Black Lightning

EBR Motorcycles will debut the new Black Lightning motorcycle on Friday November 18, 2016 at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show. The Black Lightning is an “accelerated” version of the 1190 platform, designed for superior street performance with improved rider ergonomics, higher torque delivery, and improved performance handling for all rider styles.

Erik Buell Racing Will Go to Auction a Second Time

After an initial auction where a New Jersey buyer was unable to close on Erik Buell Racing, the motorcycle company will head to the auction block again on Dec. 10. Bruce Belfer, CEO of Atlantic Metals Group LLC, had the highest bid for the company in August.

Erik Buell Racing Enters Bankruptcy

Erik Buell Racing has ceased its operations and plans to file for protection from creditors under Chapter 128 of Wisconsin’s bankruptcy code, according to news being broke by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.