Virtual Reality Is Coming… And Your Dealership Is Going!

There are already several plays by start-ups to build online powersports dealerships that sell and finance motorcycles nationally rather than locally. A few are focused on pre-owned motorcycles, but we all know that pressure will eventually force a paradigm shift in the traditional franchised business model.

Q&A With MAG CEO Andy Graves

In a follow up to our Executive Interview in May with Tucker Rocky President Eric Cagle, we spoke to MAG’s CEO Andy Graves to ask some questions that were outside of Eric’s realm.

Retail Ruckus: Big Boxes Stores Bite the Dust!

Golfsmith filed for bankruptcy… Sports Authority and Sport Chalet both went out of business. The Big Box retailers are shutting down stores and cutting back staff at record rates. It isn’t just the sporting goods guys: Macy’s, J.C. Penny, Sears, K-Mart, The Limited, American Apparel, CVS and Victoria’s Secret are all pulling back brick and

Don’t Underestimate This Part of the Sales Process

Our biggest fear as retailers in the beginning of the new year isn’t a so-so economy. It isn’t declining interest in what we sell. It’s the other “guy” in the room. The e-guy. The competitor that lurks in the Wi-Fi.