Curtiss Motorcycle Co. to Release Documentary on the Curtiss 1

The documentary will detail the creation of its innovative, bespoke, electric motorcycle, the Curtiss 1.

Curtiss 1
Rally for Rangers Aiming to Crowdfund Documentary Film

Built upon the belief that personal action is necessary for large-scale change to take shape, Rally for Rangers is now calling on like-minded activists to do their part by donating to a Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 by March 22 to complete a documentary film.

Compass Expeditions Launches Beyond Siberia – Riding the Road of Bones Documentary at Cannes

In May 2014, 16 riders left London to embark on a 105 day adventure expedition to Magadan. Documentary filmmaker, Robin Newell joined us with the end result being called “Beyond Siberia – Riding the Road of Bones” and soon to become a TV mini series.