Let’s Do The Wave!

I try to ride as much as possible, and one of the things I have always done is wave at fellow motorcyclists.

Honda’s Simple Change Could Be Disastrous

Imagine, if you will, that you purchase a new car, and the turn signal stalk is on the right side of the wheel, and the horn button is on the dash, mixed in among the radio and A/C controls.

Truth in Numbers

Over the last several months, I’ve been making a few calls to my friends in the Triumph motorcycle world.

Who’s Got a MAP?

I recently wrote about how many aftermarket distributors that are selling to us are also selling direct to our customers at a discount

Depends on What the Definition of ‘Is’ Is

Over the last few decades, I’ve ridden hundreds of different motorcycles.

Does it Say ‘Sucker’ on my Forehead Somewhere?

So why is it that many of these same aftermarket distributors, which we’ve been supporting for a long time (some well before LBJ) are now selling direct to the very same consumer that we’ve been trying to get into our store.

We’re All Fed Up!

Having been in the industry for 40 years, and a dealer principal for the last 21, I’m pretty much fed up with how we’ve been treated by the major motorcycle manufacturers.

Side-by-Side Stupidity: Are More Rules Required, Or Just More Responsibility Training?

The CPSC doesn’t, apparently, know how many injuries there have been on SxSs, nor does it know if there is even a reason to impose more safety requirements on these machines, but it is certain there must be a problem. Oh, and the CPSC doesn’t know how effective any safety regulations it might implement would be.