Podcast: ADV Tech Tips

MPN and Cyclepedia explore ways that dealerships can help keep adventure riders on the road with helpful tech tips.

Top 3 Tech Tips From 2015

Specialty Tools: The Right Tools Make for Correct Repairs (Jul. 2015) A knowledgeable home mechanic or professional technician can carry out the majority of their work with basic hand tools. A major dividing line appears when the service manual calls for the use of a special tool. The professional technician should have a large selection

CVT Tuning: Part I

Many CVT systems can be tuned. The service manual will usually include information on CVT tuning based on altitude similar to carburetor jetting changes. At a minimum the service manual will include an altitude chart with spring and weight options to optimize performance at specific altitudes.

CBR250/300 CRF250L Valve Clearance

The single cylinder engine that Honda debuted with the CBR250R is also the basis for the CBR300R power plant as well as the CRF250L. This engine is a DOHC type with shim type valve clearance adjustment. Unlike many engines of this type it has a handy feature that allows for quick shim changes without having to remove the camshafts.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Jackshaft Assembly

Big Harley-Davidson motorcycles are tough on starter motors and starter system mechanical components.

Tech Tips: Repairing and Servicing Fuji 400, 450, 500 and 550cc Engines

Many of the engines that power Polaris ATVs are liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, SOHC 4-stroke units manufactured by Fuji. The 400, 450 and 500cc engines are nearly identical outside of bore and stroke. The newer 550 engine is updated, but some of these tips still apply. The 570 engine has a DOHC head and is unrelated for