Wild Ass Offers Challenge During COVID-19

Given the current situation with COVID-19, Wild Ass is proposing better way for you to live your dream while social distancing.

Drag Specialties Cool Comfort Quick-Attachment Air Pads

The new Cool Comfort Air Pad from Drag Specialties features FoamAir cushion technology designed to be used on top of your existing seat for added comfort and extended riding time.

AirHawk International Files Lawsuit

AirHawk International announced that it recently filed in the United States District Court Central District Of California Southern Division a Complaint for Patent Infringement, False Advertising, Tortious Interference, and Unfair Competition against various parties related to a product called “Wild Ass Motorcycle Cushion.”

SunMate Motorcycle Cushions

Motorcyclists can minimize fatigue and ride longer and stronger with high-performance seating foam made from SunMate and Pudgee premium cushion materials. Manufacturers, bike shops and do-it-yourselfers improve the comfort and performance of motorcycle seats and saddles with SunMate.