Corbin RKA Removable Liners for Slingshot Fleetliner Saddlebags

Corbin has introduced saddlebag liners by RKA Motorcycle Luggage. Although offering another layer of protection and weather proofing for cargo, the real value is the ability top remove them and take them with you when you need to.

Corbin Fleetliner Saddlebags for Polaris Slingshot

Corbin’s Fleetliner bags were specifically designed for the Slingshot to emulate the visuals of the bike and integrate seamlessly. These new Fleetliner bags offer 104 liters of storage with both bags combined or more than three and a half cubic feet.

Corbin Dual Saddle for 2014-2015 Yamaha FJ-09l

Corbin’s Dual Saddle features high density Comfort Cell foam allows a sleek profile while providing a firm supportive ride that lasts. Rider seating is ergonomically shaped to fit the curve of your body and provide better weight distribution.

Corbin Fleetliner Saddlebags for Can-Am Spyder F3

Corbin’s Fleetliner bags were specifically designed for the Spyder F3 to emulate the visuals of the bike and integrate perfectly. Because the Spyder doesn’t lean in corners, Corbin was able to make these bags larger than its typical Fleetliner bags…34 liters per side or two and a quarter cubic feet.

Corbin Dual Saddle for Honda CTX 1300

Corbin’s new Dual Saddle for Honda’s CTX 1300 model is available in a standard and “Close” version that provides seating closer to the bars with a slightly lower seat height. “Close” version provides a seating position approximately 2 inches further forward than Corbin’s standard model.

Corbin Sport Bucket Seats for Polaris Slingshot

Corbin designed its new Sport Bucket Seats for the Polaris Slingshot on platforms that work on the existing Polaris seat frame and slider. Instead of building up complete racing style seats with shoulder bolsters, Corbin opted more for a Sport Bucket style with thigh and side bolsters, but keeps your shoulders free.

Corbin Dual Touring Saddle for 2015 Indian Chief Roadmaster

Corbin’s new Dual Touring saddle for the new Chief models maximizes the seating area and positions the rider bucket in the sweet spot to offer the best possible ergonomics and long range comfort.

Corbin Announces Hollister ‘Biker Bob’ Memorial Custom Bike Show

Corbin recently announced that the Annual Ride-In Bike Show has now been dedicated to radio personality Biker Bob Warford. To honor his memory and continue what he started, Corbin contracted with the International Master Bike Builders Association to bring the show to a new level.

Corbin Dual Touring Saddle for Can-Am Spyder F3

Corbin’s Dual Touring saddle for the Can-Am Spyder F3 is sculpted to provide an ergonomic advantage for touring quality support. Wide, sculpted seating positions create a larger area of contact for weight distribution.

Corbin Brave Solo Saddle for 2015 Indian Scout

Corbin has introduced the Indian Brave saddle. The Brave saddle combines excellent rider support and a fast look for your Indian. Up front an ergonomically contoured saddle provides a large area of body contact for best weight dispersion.

Corbin Classic Solo Saddle for 2015 Indian Scout

Corbin introduces a Classic Style Solo seat for the nostalgically styled 2015 Indian Scout. It provides maximum rider comfort combined with classy looks and a wide range of custom options. It also accepts a Corbin removable backrest for a total of 12 inches of vertical back support.

Corbin Fleetliner Fairing for Triumph Thunderbird LT/Commander

Corbin has had a lot of rider requests for a Thunderbird fairing with long range in mind… The result is the new Fleetliner fairing. Designed to fit the Commander and LT models, it provides excellent wind protection with a traditional look. Comes prepainted and color matched to your Triumph paint so it’s ready for immediate installation.