Evolution of a Customer: High On ‘Game-I-Fiction’

People literally get “high” on games. Endorphins flow into the brain when you complete or win a silly game whether it comes free on your smartphone or involves $100 million in the lotto. Digital, video, casino, computer, TV – games are everywhere. Warcraft and Call of Duty sales surpass book sales around the globe. I

Virtual Reality Is Coming… And Your Dealership Is Going!

There are already several plays by start-ups to build online powersports dealerships that sell and finance motorcycles nationally rather than locally. A few are focused on pre-owned motorcycles, but we all know that pressure will eventually force a paradigm shift in the traditional franchised business model.

The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly!

Remember the old Spaghetti Westerns with the tumbleweeds blowing through desolate ghost towns? Does this describe your dealership these days, but without the bitchin’ musical score?

Retail Ruckus: Big Boxes Stores Bite the Dust!

Golfsmith filed for bankruptcy… Sports Authority and Sport Chalet both went out of business. The Big Box retailers are shutting down stores and cutting back staff at record rates. It isn’t just the sporting goods guys: Macy’s, J.C. Penny, Sears, K-Mart, The Limited, American Apparel, CVS and Victoria’s Secret are all pulling back brick and

The Storm… Before The Calm

Time To Reverse Your Thinking You’ve probably heard the expression “The Calm Before The Storm” before. However that logic is backwards. Technically, calm is a result of the storm… which means it comes afterward – not before the storm. Time to forget what cliches the TV weatherman may be using and reverse your thinking! Martha

Lead Us Not In To Indecisiveness

It doesn’t matter if you are a dealer, a product manufacturer, a service provider or a distributor – Who is in charge of making the really big “decisions” in our industry, our businesses and our dealerships?

Adventures In Retail!

After selling the “why” the dealer also needs to demonstrate “how, where and when” to use these machines, so get creative!

Counter Culture

People need what the parts department has, unlike simply wanting the other stuff in the showroom or accessory areas. The real action happens here because your motorcycle won’t run without the necessary parts.

Kung Fu Cycles Reloaded

Thus begins the next episode of the continuing saga of KFC dealership GM Grasshopper and his quest for motorcycle dealership nirvana… or at least keeping the doors open and the lights on.

Think Locally, Act Globally

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]hoppers are changing their habits faster than Lady Gaga changes her look. Are you keeping up with what the customer wants – or are you still in denial that the times have changed? Technology may be accelerating change, but in my opinion the Internet only makes it easier to buy more of the wrong stuff.

‘Best of’ Confessions of a Customer

As 2015 winds down, MPN staff took a look back through Eric Anderson’s Confessions of a Customer and highlighted a few of the year’s best columns.

Simplicity Needs To Mask Complexity… Don’t You Be An Idiot!

The trick now is handling the complexities of life and business while making it look and feel simpler to our family, friends and customers.