Comet Clutches EX Series

The EX series helps OEMs to customize these units for their particular needs and allows for expedited prototype service to get them the right CVT for their application testing.

Comet Centrifugal Clutch Designed for Mini-Bikes, Snowmobiles

This clutch operates under conditions that would destroy most clutches, including sand, grit, gravel and dirt. 

Comet Clutches TAV2 Torq-A-Verter

Comet Clutches’ TAV2 Torq-A-Verter replaces a centrifugal clutch system and boosts performance. The TAV2 is a complete bolt-on torque converter kit including drive clutch, driven unit, belt, jackshaft, sprocket and cover.

Comet Clutches 94C Duster

The Comet 94C Duster torque converter system drive clutch is for general usage on medium vehicles or applications requiring an infinitely variable speed drive. The 94C Duster offers 10-50 HP for a 2-cycle engine and 10-40 HP for a 4-cycle engine.