The 2022 Vmax Calendar from CIRCUS VMAXIMUS

The CIRCUS VMAXIMUS 2022 calendar presents the many various facets of the Vmax.

Yamaha Vmax, calendar
Circus VMaximus 2017 Vmax Calendar

The Yamaha Vmax, first or second generation, is more than just one of the most fascinating muscle bikes of all time. It is also one of the most
frequently and most elaborately modified motorbikes. The 2017 CIRCUS VMAXIMUS calendar presents the many various facets of the Vmax, which has been in production for more than 30 years.

“Hang on, Baby! This is a Vmax!” T-Shirt

CIRCUS VMAXIMUS was able to secure the services of famous French artist BOD, who visualized the slogan of this t-shirt in his inimitable style. His funny illustration perfectly expresses the fascination exuded by the Vmax’s bullish power.

CIRCUS VMAXIMUS Yamaha Vmax Speedometer Watch

A stainless-steel wristwatch in the design of the speedometer of the first generation Yamaha Vmax: CIRCUS VMAXIMUS now offers a high-quality
speedometer watch made in Germany for all owners and fans of the legendary V4 muscle bike.