Mickey Dent’s 2005 Custom Chopper

Mickey Dent showed up to the 2023 Piston Powered Auto-Rama with several bikes to display, but hands-down his coolest one was this 2005 custom chopper, which had already taken home several “Best in Show” honors and was looking for more. We got the details from Mickey in this Ride of the Week!

Orange County Choppers Custom CAT Bike

The custom CAT motorcycle is a perfect example of how companies and manufacturers outside of the motorcycle industry can use the platform to market their brand and create something that’s just flat out cool.

Born Free-Winning Custom Chopper

This chopper was hand-built by Christian Newman of CT Newman Engineering.

Christian Newman’s Scratch-Built Turbocharged Chopper

When you see a Christian Newman hand-built motorcycle in person, you’re staring a piece of mechanical artwork in the face. There’s no question who built the motorcycle and how unique it is. See this scratch-built Harley-based chopper for yourself!

First Ever Ossa Yankee Chopper

Jeff Gasier didn’t have to desecrate a bike to build this sweet-looking chopper. He built it around an Ossa Yankee motor, the seat and the neck, while also incorporating three different genres of motorcycles. The result is the first Yankee Chopper ever built and it’s our Ride of the Week brought to you by CanDo

Hank Young 2007 Lakewood Special

At the core of Hank Young’s motorcycle builds is the unmistakeable fact that he makes as much of the bike by hand as possible. You rarely find off-the-shelf, bolt-on parts on his bikes, as he prefers to shape, cut and weld by hand. This pride in workmanship can be seen in all his creations, including this 2007 Lakewood Special. Check it out!

God, Tom Landry, John Lennon & Riding Choppers

The motorcycle industry is in a stable place right now, considering all the crazy things that have happened in the last year.

Peace, Love & Hardtail Choppers

I don’t want to talk much about the politics that are happening in our country right now, other than to say that we need less hate and violence and more peace and love!

American Choppers Star Announces Launch of New Product, Proceeds to Help Injured Veterans

Tattseal is a patented natural product that combines bioceuticals designed to reduce pain and inflammation associated with the tattooing process.

More Imagination, Less Drugs

Dear Ma, I hope you’re well up in Heaven, we are good here in Dallas! Things are busy and we are building several really cool bikes. Recently I was giving a tour to some people, and at the end of the tour, a lady asked me where I get my ideas from. She laughingly insinuated

Choppers, Meatloaf & Patsy Cline: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Dear Ma: I have a question for you, can you see the future up there in heaven? Because if you can, I would like to know if the motorcycle business will ever get back to what it was 10 years ago. Business has been a struggle for the past eight years and I am getting pretty