Getting Your Motorcycle Ready For Spring

MPN’s Josh Troche discusses some tech tips to help riders make sure their motorcycle is ready to ride when the nice weather arrives this spring.

Red Line Synthetic Oil Announces Chain Lube with ShockProof Addition

Red Line’s new Chain Lube with ShockProof utilizes the latest innovation in chain lubricant technology.

Pro Circuit Carbon Fiber Chain Guide for 2018-2019 KX250F/KX450F Models

Now available for 2018-2019 KX250F and KX450F models, the Pro Circuit Carbon Fiber Chain Guide reduces the possibility of chain derailment, is durable and offers a stylish look.

D.I.D. 520VO O-Ring Chain

The D.I.D 520VO O-Ring Chain is a lightweight, high-performance chain designed for street, off road vehicles and ATVs.

Works TripleGuard Road Race Chain

The Sunstar 520RTG1 Works TripleGuard Road Race Chain is the same one used the past few seasons by HSBK Factory Racing team on the Aprilia 1000s.

Premium RK Chain and Driven Sprocket Kits

RK Excel America’s OEM Replacement, OE gearing chain and sprocket kits feature RK’s premium, lightweight RX or XW-ring sealed racing chain in a natural finish.

ABUS Granit X-Plus Victory 68 Moto Chain Lock

The days of leaving your motorcycle unlocked are over. ABUS has announced its Granit Victory X-Plus 68 Moto Chain Lock that packs a lot of security into its small shape. When attached to the 12KS Loop chain the security becomes even more formidable.

Sunstar TripleGuard Sealed Chain

The Sunstar 520XTG Works TripleGuard sealed chain with Sunstar standard steel rear sprocket features a sealed ring, which has three sealing lips, and lubrication pools on each side to maintain lubricity and guard the critical areas of the chain.