Cardo Systems Announces New Intercom Recording Feature

The ability to seamlessly record Dynamic Mesh Communication chats is yet another game-changing update from Cardo.

Cardo, PACKTALK Edge
Cardo Systems opens ‘Cardo Sound Labs’ research center in Germany

Cardo was one of few tech companies pioneering Bluetooth headpieces back in the early 2000’s.

Cardo Systems
Cardo Systems Releases 1st Hands Free Communication Device

The world’s first natural voice-command-operated motorcycle communications system, Packtalk Bold, utilizes Cardo’s proprietary Dynamic Mesh Communication technology to create a hands free communication system.

Changing the Conversation

Many who have used a scala rider Bluetooth system from Cardo Systems, Inc., say it has changed their riding life permanently. Like the world before cell phones, riders tend to forget how difficult it was to communicate before Cardo’s Bluetooth technology existed.