BMW C Evolution Scooter, G 310R Make U.S. Debut at AIMExpo

BMW North America showcased a trio of new motorcycles at AIMExpo, but arguably the most notable model on the stage was the C evolution, which will arrive in the U.S. for the first time in 2018. Initially introduced in 2014 as BMW’s first foray into alternative drivetrains, the latest C evolution was introduced for the European

BMW C650 GT and BMW C Evolution Scooters Recalled

Since the rim is not marked with the rim size and the DOT designation, a tire of the incorrect size may be installed on this rim, affecting the handling of the scooter and increasing the risk of a crash.

BMW Motorrad USA Announces Pricing, Product Details for HP4 Race and C Evolution

The 2018 HP4 race bike will be a handmade dream come true for 750 enthusiasts, and the C evolution will initially be introduced in the U.S. as part of a pilot program.