Project X Ep. 12: The Big Reveal!

We covered every square inch of this ATV and replaced a ton of parts to make this ATV even better than the day it rolled off the factory floor.

Project X Ep. 12
Project X Ep. 11: Attending to the Drivetrain

We’ve done a ton of work on the Project X ATV at this point, and the end of the rebuild is so close we can taste it. However, all of that work we’ve shown you in prior episodes doesn’t mean anything if the vehicle’s drivetrain isn’t in proper order. In this episode, Josh gets into

Project X Ep. 10: New Wheel Bearings & Spacers

Josh shows you the proper way to replace the wheel bearing on a Sportsman 800, and adds wheel spacers for a more aggressive stance.

Project X Ep. 9: Replacing the Seat & Grips

This episode covers the replacement of wearable items such as the seat cover and handlebar grips.

Project X Ep. 8: Fuel and Throttle

Ever try and turnover your vehicle and it won’t? In this episode of Project X, Josh walks you through the fuel system and ways to solve startup issues.

Project X E7: Installing a Winch

In this episode of Project X, Josh shows how to properly install a winch from Bronco ATV-UTV Components. The kit comes with everything needed to install it from the wiring to the brackets and winch itself. Bronco has made it a simple as possible so even a DIY’er could do it. The wiring is all

Project X E6: Firing Up The Engine

In this episode of Project X, Josh fires up the engine on our Polaris Sportsman 800 for the first time since installing new cylinders, rings, valves, and other internal engine components from Bronco ATV and UTV to get this quad back into service and good as new.

Project X E5: Picking Up the Engine Pieces

Last week, we were finishing the engine teardown so we could install the new cylinder jug and rings (among other things) to bring the compression back to specifications. This week, we are going to get it all back together and installed in the Polaris chassis and hopefully get it started. But before we do that,

Project X E4: Engine Disassembly Required

In this episode of Project X, Josh takes us through, step-by-step, showing the process of removing the engine and components (i.e., clutch) from our Polaris Sportsman 800 before getting to work on the big mill. Then we show you how to remove the engine from the chassis and pull the cylinder head and cylinder jug.

Project X E3: ATV Rebuild Series

In the latest episode of Project X, Josh tears into the Sportsman 800‘s engine in this two-part series. We will do some diagnostics on the cylinder before pulling the engine. But first, there are a lot of parts to remove before we can tackle the engine side. We have to pull the covers and clutch,

Project X E2: The Suspension

In this episode of Project X, Josh tears into the suspension of our tired old Sportsman 800. He will show how to correctly install new struts and rear shocks as well as some tips for making the job easier the first time. After the suspension is installed, time to do an alignment. But we can’t

Project X E1: Revitalization

In our multi-episode series, video editor and garage guru, Josh Troche, takes a weathered Polaris Sportsman 800 and brings it back to life with new parts provided by Bronco ATV & UTV. We will be replacing everything from tie-rod ends to pistons and cylinders and show you how it is all done. Be sure to