Older Units Outpace Newer Unit Gains

The motorcycle and powersports market is showing substantial positive gains in value for nearly all segments this month as the spring selling season gets under way. In much the same way as the unusually mild winter decimated snowmobile sales in most areas of the country, the early arrival of spring in many areas has led

Spring Sales Show Measured Growth

After last month’s big changes in pricing in the powersports market, values continue to go up again this month.

Spring Spikes Sizable: 2-Wheel Values Jump

We have seen some very positive developments in this market during the past month.

New Year Marks Uptick in Powersports Vehicle Values

After the last several months of negative news for most of the segments we cover in the Motorcycle and Powersports guide, things are finally taking a positive turn.

Winter Wholesale Prices Remain Low

Now’s the Time to Stock for Spring

Value Trends Return to Normal

This month we see a return to fairly normal fall market trends.

Values See Larger than Usual Seasonal Dip

Last month we mentioned the impact of the negative economic news on the powersports market. This month brings more of the same.

Scooters and ATVs See Values on the Rise

Rest of Market Sees Falling Numbers

Wholesale Prices See Typical Late-Summer Dip

. The wholesale prices of motorcycles and scooters typically soften up a little in late summer as more and more customers have already completed their purchases for these often seasonal-use bikes, but it might be happening a few weeks earlier this year.

Seasonality and High Gas Prices Send Values Upward

Powersports products have benefited from the climb of fuel prices in the past when gas topped $4 per gallon, and we see that happening again within the powersports market and have made the necessary value adjustments to reflect that this month.