BikeMaster Motorcycle Oil Available at Dealerships Nationwide

BikeMaster restocks its oil after an inventory depletion coincided with high demand and a transition to a new inventory system.

BikeMaster Introduces New Line of Mirrors for Metric and V-twin Motorcycles

The new lineup contains four styles that will match classic or custom looks.

BikeMaster, mirror
Tucker’s BikeMaster Brand Introduces New Line of Performance Chemicals

No product needs great cleaners and lubricants more than a motorcycle, UTV or dirt bike that operates in an environment with heat, road grime, dirt and mud. BikeMaster’s new performance chemicals are exactly what’s needed to keep a machine in top condition while having some on-road or off-road fun.  The new offering includes Contact Cleaner, Penetrating

BikeMaster Celebrates 40th Anniversary

“BikeMaster is a brand with a great legacy and a great future,” said BikeMaster Brand Manager Cynthia Beck.

BikeMaster Motorcycle Oil Available in 3 Formulas

BikeMaster motorcycle oil is made with high-grade additives without the high-grade cost.

BikeMaster Rear Sprockets Engineered for High Performance

The Rear Sprockets are machined from 1045 steel and coated with a black Cataphoresis finish that is a perfect match for the BikeMaster line of chains.

BikeMaster Heated Motorcycle Grips with LCD Voltage Display

The grips offer in-line fuse protection and sealed connectors which allows for all weather riding.

BikeMaster Adds More Handlebars

The handlebars feature a 1-inch outside diameter and are available in a bright, durable chrome or tough black paint finish. They have been manufactured from high-quality steel.

BikeMaster Steel Center Jack Stand

Lift the front or rear wheel of your motorcycle or your customer’s in seconds with the BikeMaster Heavy-Duty Center Jack. With an 1,100 lbs. lifting capacity and built-in stability tabs at the base, this highly versatile jack can handle bikes big and small.

BikeMaster Motorcycle Carrier

BikeMaster has just made it easier for you to take your motorcycle or scooter with you thanks to its new motorcycle carrier. The new carrier is able to safely transport most larger motorcycles or scooters weighing up to 500 lbs. with tires up to 5 in. wide.

BikeMaster 5-Gallon Utility Jug

BikeMaster has announce the addition of a 5-gallon Utility Jug to its product line. Made in the USA, the jug offers the user improved functionality with its new design and versatility to handle the liquids and chemicals used in most shops.