Baja Designs, Assault Industries Squadron Nighthawk Mirror System

The whole package was carefully designed to provide a perfectly aimed light, regardless of mirror viewing angle.

Baja Designs Debuts Powerful, Compact S1 Auxiliary Light

Focused on creating the most powerful yet compact light in the world, Baja Designs employed its proprietary optical designs, refined through rigorous real-world testing and created this robust and sleek-looking 2.1-in. light, which emits 2,375 lumens from a single LED.

Baja Designs UTV Night Race Ready at Best In The Desert

Over 215 race vehicles have pre-entered the event with a huge contingent of UTV’s set to take on the 2nd Annual Baja Designs UTV Night Race.

Baja Designs Creates Industry’s 1st Auxiliary Laser Light

Each Baja Designs XL Laser light draws 60 watts of power and has 2,000-hour life expectancy from its laser chips, which are protected by built-in over-voltage protection.

Baja Designs Phasing Out Dual Sport Kits

With Baja Designs’ LED and Laser light sales growing exponentially, the company has decided to prioritize development and manufacturing of these technologies for the powersports and automotive segments.

Baja Designs OnX6 Arc Series

Baja Designs has introduced the newest member of the OnX6 light bar system family – the Arc Series. The OnX6 Arc Series is an evolutionary development from the base OnX6 line, delivering Baja Design’s lighting performance, but incorporating a stylish, arced design.

Baja Designs S2 LED Lighting Line

Baja Designs’ S2 Pro and its new S2 Sport auxiliary lighting system provides excellent lighting coverage and clear brightness from an ultra-compact, lightweight package.

Baja Designs LED Lighting Systems

Baja Designs offers a wide-ranging line of auxiliary LED lighting systems for the growing adventure motorcycle market to assure confident, safe night time trail riding adventures.

Selling Off-Road Lighting: Not All LEDs are the Same

If your customers are looking to upgrade lighting systems for their dirtbike, ATV or SxS, it is important to understand what they really use their machine for before selling something that underperforms. Often times, they don’t have the capacity to run a lot of auxiliary components, so you need to know what kind of system

Baja Designs is Presenting Sponsor of King of the Motos

Off-road lighting manufacturer Baja Designs is the presenting sponsor of the King of the Motos motorcycle race on Feb. 4, during the ULTRA4 Racing King of the Hammers (KOH) week of trials and races at Mead Dry Lake, in Johnson Valley, Calif.

Baja Designs OnX6 Light Systems

Baja Designs OnX6 light bar systems offer several levels of high-performance lighting, which establish new standards for off-road lighting. All of the light bars are based upon the original, OnX6 light bar, which is 10-inches long, featuring Baja Designs’ exclusive MoistureBlock Technology and the industry’s only anodized aircraft-grade aluminum extruded housing.

Baja Designs AC Circuit

With over 24 years of lighting knowledge, Baja Designs has engineered a solution to easily run LED lighting off of a dirt bike’s stock AC electrical system.