The STELVIO D-air Touring Jacket by Dainese

A Versatile Weatherproof Touring Jacket Integrated With D-air® Airbag

Dainese STELVIO D-air Touring Jacket
Ep. 51: New BFFs and MotoGP Racing is On Fire

KTM and MV Agusta are joined at the hip now.

OTT 51
Dainese Smart Jacket LS Sport

The Smart Jacket LS Sport provides superior protection with the Dainese D-air airbag system.

Dainese Smart Jacket Hi-Viz

The Smart Jacket line is designed with incredible ventilation for further versatility and comfort.

Dainese Smart Jacket
AirPro Air Bag Motorcycle Racing Suit

Let’s state the obvious – Racing is dangerous, and circumstances may arise that can result in death or injury. Vanson has been at the forefront of race suit development since 1974 with the main goal of keeping the rider as safe as possible with the least amount of injury during a crash. They are excited

HELITE Roadster Leather Jacket

This full-grain cowhide jacket is equipped with Helite’s revolutionary airbag technology to take the impact out of crashing.

HELITE GP Air Airbag Vest

Practical, lightweight and discreet with an all new aerodynamic design and flexible fit, the GP Air Track Vest has been specially developed for the race track.

HELITE Adventure Touring Jacket: 1 Jacket for Every Season

The HELITE Adventure Touring Jacket offers several advanced safety features including a big airbag volume (between 16 and 27L), optimal neck protection, rigid shoulder and elbow protectors and a turtle effect thanks to the SAS TEC level 2 back protector.

Helite Free-Air Vented Airbag Jacket: Stay Cool & Protected

Helite has upped the ante providing riders not only with life-saving airbag technology integrated into a vented jacket, but with a better ability to be seen at any time of the day or night.

PODCAST: Motorcycle Armor

Armor is effective, and you need to let your customers know it. Put it to them this way. A medieval knight would not have dared to walk out onto the battlefield without donning a suit of armor.

Dainese Wins German Patent Infringement Case Against Alpinestars

This decision is a major victory for Dainese in an intensive patent litigation fight against Alpinestars in Italy, Germany, the UK and France.