Drag Specialties March Product Releases

This month’s release includes a brake/clutch control kit, seat, air filter, brake pads and front market lights.

Drag Specialties
Armaspeed Vespa Carbon Fiber Air Filter Cover

This cover, only for the GTS300 engine, adds a unique look to a Vespa.

Vespa, air filter cover
Funnelweb Air Filter Added to Central Powersports Distribution

FunnelWeb Filters of the Netherlands has made an agreement with Central Powersports Distribution for the importing, distributing and resale of FunnelWeb filters, oils and accessories.

HISUN Tech Tip: Change Oil, Air Filter on 500cc UTVs

HISUN technicians will walk you through the steps to check your oil level, your air filter, and your coolant level on a HISUN 500cc UTV.

Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather

At speeds over 60 mph, the filter captures air from the front, forcing the air through a smaller area to create a RAM air effect that optimizes performance.

HISUN Tech Tip: Check Oil, Air Filter on 400cc UTV

In this week’s episode HISUN technicians will walk you through the steps to check your air filter and oil level on a HISUN 400cc UTV.

HISUN Tech Tip: Check Air Filters, Oil Level on 400cc ATVs

Follow along in this weeks episode as HISUN technicians guide viewers through the basic steps to check the air filters and oil level on a HISUN 400cc ATV.

HISUN Tech Tip: Check Air Filter, Oil Level on 250cc ATVs

In this series, HISUN technicians will walk you through basic technical procedures for a HISUN unit.

Nihilo Concepts KTM / Husqvarna Air Filter Cage Cap

Nihilo Concepts created the Air Filter Cage Cap to prevent any unexpected damage to filters.

Performance Air Filters and Intake Systems

There is always an endless supply of so-called “performance parts” out there, and in many cases, to see a benefit, you must make additional modifications or drive or ride on an extreme level.

S&B UTV Particle Separator Ejects 94% of Dust

Using the same technology as military helicopters, dirty air enters the vortex tubes, the dirt is separated from the air, clean air is sent to the filter and dirt is blown out of the back of the separator.

K&N Replacement High-Flow Air Filter for ’17 H-D Milwaukee-Eight Engine Packages

K&N’s all-new OE Replacement High-Flow Air Filter is for 2017 Model Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Model engine packages. The filter is designed to fit directly into the stock air intake assembly without any cutting or fitting required.