Sylvania Introduces LED Fog and Powersports Bulbs

Osram Sylvania introduced today its new SYLVANIA LED Fog and Powersports bulb, enabling consumers to upgrade their powersport vehicle and automotive fog lights with the clarity and performance that only LED lighting technology can deliver. Engineered to provide 6000K white light, these stylish LED replacement bulbs are made with high performance materials ensuring their durability and performance, making them the ideal choice for use in foggy conditions as automotive fog lights and use off-road as powersport vehicles headlights.

For years, manufacturers have over-promised and under-delivered when it comes to LED lighting. All too often, consumers realized that not enough light was delivered, and/or a dangerous glare was created. In addition, what seemed to be a bargain proved to be poorly designed products with sub-standard components that quickly died, forcing consumers to replace their LED bulbs more often than they hoped.

The LEDs feature a 6000K color temperature that not only makes vehicles more attractive, but also gives consumers better clarity and contrast when driving through thick fog or off-road at night. Designed to have minimal light wasted as glare, these bulbs finally deliver on the promise of LED Fog and Powersport vehicle lighting.

The turbo-cooled heat sink is designed to keep the LEDs cool in harsh environments.  Moreover, the heat management performance of these new LEDs is so efficient that even after 30 minutes of operation, the lumen output remains within 5% of the initial light output. This heat-management design combined with high-quality components and world-class manufacturing allows for longer component life, thus enabling SYLVANIA to offer a market-leading 5-year limited warranty.

“SYLVANIA is committed to improving automotive lighting for all drivers, and these new SYLVANIA LED Fog and Powersports bulbs are sure to turn heads,” said Greg Bibbo, director of sales and marketing, SYLVANIA. “All our lighting products are designed based on a century of experience. Our new SYLVANIA LED Fog and Powersports bulbsdeliver a level of quality that consumers have come to expect from the world-leader in automotive lighting.”

Key features of the SYLVANIA LED for Fog and Powersports bulb include:

  • 6000K Crisp White Light: Superior Cool-White light for better clarity (*Compared to only SYLVANIA Basic halogen)
  • Aviation Grade Aluminum Body: Maximizes heat dissipation to keep LED chips cool
  • Robust Design: Built to last and backed by a 5-year limited warranty
  • Active-Cooling System: Turbo-cooled at 10,000RPM to maximize LED life
  • No Polarity, Compact Design: Easy to install. No need to modify connector

Pricing and Availability

SYLVANIA LED Fog and Powersports bulbs are priced at $99.99 MSRP for a box of two and are currently available at AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Sylvania-Automotive.com and coming soon to Advance Auto Parts.

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