SW-Motech Releases Products for Honda Africa Twin

The first new Africa Twins are taking to the streets this spring and SW-MOTECH is offering luggage solutions, safety products and other accessories for more safety and improved ergonomics in time for the start of the season.

Just in time for EICMA 2019, Honda served up the two new models of the travel enduro classic Africa Twin CRF 1100 L and CRF 1100 L Adventure Sports: More displacement and performance with less weight as well as a comprehensive package of electronic assistance systems make the two parallel twins attractive machines for travel on and off road.

The first new Africa Twins are taking to the streets this spring and SW-MOTECH is offering luggage solutions, safety products and other accessories for more safety and improved ergonomics in time for the start of the season.

Luggage that is tough and functional – aluminum cases and soft luggage for the Africa Twins

The proven EVO tank ring and the new PRO tank ring, which will be available from June, can be mounted on the tank on both bikes. The three tank bag models Micro, Daypack and City from the EVO and PRO series can be attached to it with one hand. As such, small and necessary travel items such as wallets, keys, smartphone or water bottle are easily accessible and the tank bag can also be quickly detached and taken along during breaks.

For luggage transport on the tail, the SW-MOTECH designers have built the PRO side carriers and the ADVENTURE-RACK, each suitable for the Africa Twin and the Africa Twin Adventure Sports with their standard luggage rack. This means that the robust aluminum cases of the TRAX ADV and TRAX ION series can be transported safely on the side and on the tail – all three pieces of luggage can hold a volume up to 120. The PRO side carriers made of 2.5 mm-thick steel offer additional hold for the robust soft luggage from the SysBag series: Two bags with either 15 or 30 liters made of ballistic nylon with additional weather protection. To ensure that every pilot finds the right luggage solution, SW-MOTECH also offers adapters for case systems from other manufacturers

The sturdy ADVENTURE-RACK made of 4 mm-thick aluminum alloy and equipped with numerous functional bores carries waterproof Drybag tail bags with a volume of up to 70 liters. The light URBAN ABS top case made of impact-resistant ABS plastic also holds securely on the tail carrier. It offers space for a helmet and can be removed with one hand thanks to the innovative closure.

Safety and protection – centerstand, engine guard and crash bars

Though the new parallel twins are lighter than their predecessors, up to 238 kilograms must be able to stand safely, even on meadows and sandy soils. The bike-specific extension for side stand foot and the centerstand are the right solution here. SW-MOTECH developed them to fit both models. Thanks to a new technology, the centerstand can be installed easily: The spring that holds the stand on the bike while riding is attached without tension and tightened with a screw.

The two Africa Twins also differ in the design of the engines. Nevertheless, SW-MOTECH offers a hard-wearing engine guard suitable for both models: It can protect the joists of the newly constructed frame and the manifolds from damage from rocks and ruts in the terrain. The black crash bars made of solid powder-coated steel provide additional protection for the fairing, the engine, and the double clutch transmission. The different shape of the fairing parts and the tanks made it necessary to develop bike-specific parts for the CRF 1100 L and the CRF 1100 L Adventure Sports. The lower and upper crash bars adapt in the best possible way to the look and the mounting points of the two models.

Relaxed driving and good visibility – footrests and additional headlights

The newly developed Honda travel enduros already have pleasantly positioned, factory-set handlebars. A handlebar riser from SW-MOTECH can be fitted for even more comfort, especially for tall drivers. The components are manufactured in silver or black with a 20-mm or 30-mm riser. The ION and EVO footrest kits allow further adjustments to the seating position: The height of the footrests can be fine-tuned to suit the requirements of the respective driver – downwards, forwards, backwards.

KOBRA handguards provide additional protection for the hands against rockfall and wind.

All important accessories from SW-MOTECH for the new Africa Twins will be available beginning mid-March. 

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