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SUPER73 Debuts Affordable ZX E-Bike

Not only did the lockdown create a huge surge in the popularity of e-bikes, but also an expansion in what customers expect from their vehicles. As a result, the features of the SUPER73-ZX make it ideal for week-day commuters, weekend warriors, urban adventurers, and even parents with young families; the longer seat also makes it more practical to carry cargo.

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SUPER73-ZX electric motorbike priced at $1995 has four riding modes selected through a smartphone app
SUPER73-ZX electric motorbike priced at $1995 has four riding modes selected through a smartphone app

Like its other new generation of models that launched in 2020, the ZX offers Pedal Assist Modes: the SUPER73-ZX has four Riding Modes, including Class 1 and 2 (up to 20mph) plus Class 3 and Unlimited (up to 28+ mph). Battery range is estimated at 25-50 miles depending on the pedal assist mode, but this can vary depending upon conditions such as rider weight, speed, temperature, wind, tire pressure, terrain, incline, etc.

The Riding Modes are identified as Eco, Tour, Sport and Super. They are accessed via the SUPER73 smartphone app (compatible with IOS and Android devices) and confirmed on the compact ZX Transflective Monochrome LCD display. The same technology also allows over-the-air software updates, ensuring the power supply is always running efficiently.


The purchase price is an important consideration in this consumer category and the SUPER73-ZX will launch with an MSRP of $1995. All models will ship with the standard 615 watt-hours battery pack, four Riding Modes, smartphone connectivity, extended comfort seat, 31” seat height, 180mm disc brakes, and much more.

As a bonus for early adopters, the Moon Rock Launch Edition will have red wheel liners on the 20”x100mm wheels, while the Storm Gray models will have white liners inside the wheel rims for easy identification. The Launch Edition will be shipped with 20×4.5” LZRD Street tires that have a tire tread pattern biased towards street use but provides riders with the ability to explore almost any environment.


The SUPER73-ZX is available now, with the first deliveries scheduled for Mid-July.

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