SUPER73 C1X Fast-Charging Battery, Adventure Bike Series and K1D Children’s Electric Balance Bike

SUPER73 opened April with a slew of news and product launches.

SUPER73’S New C1X Electric Motorcycle Sets the Standard with Fastest Charging Battery Technology on the Market

SUPER73 declared its seat at the electric motorcycle table last year with the C1X announcement.

Now, additional information on the development of this new electric urban commuter is coming down the line in the form of advanced fast-charge technology. SUPER73’s new wave of innovation eclipses anything currently on the market, with the ability to charge from 10% to 80% in only 15 minutes, giving riders about 70 miles of range.

Over the past year, SUPER73 has curated a team of engineers with backgrounds in top-tier electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing, aerospace mechanics and consumer electronics to help revolutionize SUPER73’s tech platform. The engineering crew has diligently worked to create a product that keeps the end user’s experience top-of-mind. In order to ensure we are doing this effectively, we surveyed existing C1X reservation holders and soon found that fast-charge technology is a clear first priority for customers interested in a SUPER73 motorcycle. While the team is nearing the final stages of the development process, customers will be able to continue to provide input. This feedback will help be a guiding light in what will be a string of innovations the brand will be bringing to market in the years to come. For customers that would like to secure a production slot as well as have direct feedback in the development process, reservations for the C1X can be made here for a fully refundable $73. 

News of the fastest charging technology isn’t merely an exercise in hyperbole. Hyperbole is often just, well … hype. Something too familiar in the emerging EV space. Headline terminology like “fastest,” “most powerful” and “most advanced” can be meaningless if it doesn’t represent a viable use case for the majority of consumers. SUPER73 values above all else the end-user experience, making it better, more efficient and more effective than ever before. 

LeGrand Crewse, SUPER73 CEO, said it best: “I’m incredibly proud of the dedication our team has shown in order to bring the C1X to life. The secret behind our innovation is the belief that the user experience should always serve as the guiding principle behind everything we create, and our electric motorcycle is no exception. This year, we’ve set out to prove that you don’t need to break the bank in order to take advantage of cutting-edge technology. Our riders can now enjoy the benefits of fast charging in a more accessible and approachable package with the C1X.”

SUPER73 Launches the All-New Adventure Series

SUPER73 Adventure Series

SUPER73 has announced the launch of its all-new SUPER73 Adventure Series lineup of bikes designed for the outdoors. Based on rider feedback, SUPER73 designed these models for the ultimate explorer by adding standard front suspension across the entire line. Select Adventure Series models boast fully adjustable front and rear suspension to suit riders needs, personalizing the riding experience.

The SUPER73 Adventure Series is packed with state-of-the-art features that will make riding more fun when exploring the outdoors with family and friends. Each SUPER73 Adventure Series model comes standard with more aggressive SUPER73 GRZLY tires; an extended performance seat with gripper vinyl for added comfort; a headlight and rear light; fenders; and the relocation of the battery to the down tube for the S and R models, giving them a lower center of gravity for better handling. SUPER73 also implemented the eight-speed cassette as a standard feature on all SUPER73 Adventure Series bikes.

“At SUPER73, we combine thoughtful design with features riders want on our vehicles. It’s a combination of form and function that sets us apart from the competition and the SUPER73 Adventure Series delivers in spades, so we’re excited to announce the new lineup is available now,” said Crewse. “We are huge proponents of listening to our customer feedback, especially from our Super Squad, while understanding the critical details that take our product to the next level. We’re always evolving our product lineup to reach the widest array of riders possible, showcasing a steadfast commitment to current and new customers.”

SUPER73 Z Adventure

Starting at $2,695 U.S./€3,599 MSRP

The SUPER73 Z Adventure design embodies a nostalgic, raw, moto-inspired bike that is the most cost-effective in the new lineup, starting at $2,695. The Z Adventure Series model comes equipped with front suspension, a front fender, an eight-speed cassette and headlight to fit each rider’s needs. Further playing up the bike’s performance, this model features a new front suspension fork and hydraulic brakes. Within this new model, SUPER73 debuts its satin colorways, including Panthro Blue, Sandstorm and two special edition colors: Corsetti and Snowshadow.

SUPER73 S Adventure

Starting at $3,595 U.S./€4,399 MSRP

Taking a step up from the SUPER73 Z Adventure, the SUPER73 S Adventure embodies the classic e-bike feel with a muted yet authentic style. Boasting all the same features as its sister Z model, the SUPER73 S Adventure comes equipped with an off-road style front and rear fender, along with a relocated battery on the down tube of the frame and extended seat, providing a more aggressive design. The SUPER73 S Adventure can be found in the following colorways: Panthro Blue, Sandstorm, Corsetti and Snowshadow.

SUPER73 R Adventure

Starting at $ $3,995 U.S./€5,399 MSRP

SUPER73’s flagship Adventure Series model is the SUPER73 R Adventure, boasting an aggressive look that takes the rider’s fun and adventure to the next level. This premier model features everything that comes standard on the Z and S models, along with the addition of fully adjustable front and rear suspension. The SUPER73 R Adventure will be available in Panthro Blue, Sandstorm, Corsetti and Snowshadow.

New Colorways for Existing Models

Continuing the trend of listening to its fans, SUPER73 announced some colorway changes of its non-adventure series lineup. Unveiling a completely new color, Metallic Aluminum, SUPER73 will feature this colorway in each of the existing Z, S and R Series models. The Z Series will now be featured in a satin finish Obsidian, and the S Series will include a satin finish Panthro Blue.

SUPER73 Launches K1D Children’s Electric Balance Bike


SUPER73 has announced the launch of its first youth series vehicle, the K1D. Developed with a perfectly complemented blend of fun and safety, the SUPER73 K1D offers a best-in-class electric balance bike option for kids ages four to eight years old.

Available in four colorways, the K1D’s design was influenced by ’80’s BMX and motocross culture to create a neo-retro balance bike with a 60-minute play time. Further separating itself from the competition, SUPER73 emphasized a technology-focused theme throughout the kid’s electric balance bike, including innovative technology, such as regenerative braking and the safest battery in any kid’s balance bike.

“The technological advancements in the K1D youth series balance bike is groundbreaking from a safety, performance and durability standpoint. We’re excited to announce the highly anticipated product has officially arrived,” said Crewse. “At SUPER73, we’re focused on driving the technology of our products forward while making it fun and safe for our customers. The launch of K1D provides us with an entirely new customer base of young, aspiring riders, and we’re thrilled to be leading the charge in our industry.”

A critical feature of the SUPER73 K1D is the first-in-class, innovative regenerative braking, which is only available in this model and the soon-to-be-launched C1X. The basic idea of regenerative braking is that when a rider releases the throttle, the vehicle will use the electric motor to flow current back into the battery, slowing down the vehicle and charging the battery. This feature means longer-lasting brakes, more range on the battery and an inherent safety measure put in place to further protect the youth who can modulate speed with the throttle alone.

Furthering the safety protocols and technological innovation implemented in the K1D, the electric balance bike features a lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFe PO4) battery that is resistant to thermal events, which essentially allows riders to continue charging the battery in all weather conditions. The K1D’s battery charges in 45 minutes, which is exponentially faster than the typical four-hour charge time of its competitors. Additionally, the lithium iron phosphate batteries have twice the battery life of existing competitor batteries.

In addition to the technological and safety advancements, below are several features found in SUPER73’s K1D:

  • Get comfortable. K1D comes equipped with a motorcycle- and motocross-inspired seat style.
  • Ride in your own style. Living up to SUPER73’s standard of high-end finish and design, the K1D features an exclusive hexagon pattern on the gum-wall tires and the handlebar grips, making the throttle highly visible, while riders can choose between Blu-Tang, Sriracha Red, Obsidian and Prickly Pink color options.
  • Grow with the bike. The K1D offers removable hexagon-patterned foot platforms, removable and adjustable oversized pegs for two different positions, and multiple handlebar options to fit the height of riders.
  • Class modes for speed modulation. Three different class modes allow riders to learn the fundamentals of an electric balance bike at a lower speed, then boost performance as comfort and experience increase. Similar to our current offerings, two standard modes will be easily accessible by the rider, with a locked and secured third “Track Mode” for the more advanced competitors on closed courses.

Through the launch of K1D, SUPER73 wants to help educate kids on appropriate rider safety at an early age by teaching them the proper way to ride, along with other safety measures from the start. As riders grow, they will graduate from the K1D to other SUPER73 models targeted at an older age demographic armed with the experience, knowledge and education to ride properly and safely.

The K1D is available to pre-order on the SUPER73 website for $1,295 (MSRP) and will begin shipping to customers in early June.

For more information on SUPER73, visit SUPER73.com.

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