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SunMate Motorcycle Cushions

Motorcyclists can minimize fatigue and ride longer and stronger with high-performance seating foam made from SunMate and Pudgee premium cushion materials. Manufacturers, bike shops and do-it-yourselfers improve the comfort and performance of motorcycle seats and saddles with SunMate.


DSI_MCC-Harley-mod_largeMotorcyclists can minimize fatigue and ride longer and stronger with high-performance seating foam that contours to the body and absorbs the bumps and bruises of the road. SunMate and Pudgee premium cushion materials are used worldwide by manufacturers, bike shops and do-it-yourselfers to improve the comfort and performance of motorcycle seats and saddles.

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The products are manufactured by Dynamic Systems Inc., a North Carolina-based company that develops highly specialized seating materials for use in military aircraft, heavy equipment, competitive sports vehicles and therapeutic medical settings.

Made of high-tech viscoelastic polyurethane, SunMate cushion material contours to the body and slowly springs back to its original shape once pressure is removed. Unlike memory foams made strictly for comfort, SunMate cushions combine soft pressure properties with firm support for good posture and impact absorption, making it an ideal material for the wear and tear of the road. And its open-cell structure maximizes airflow and minimizes heat buildup, keeping riders cool and comfortable.

SunMate is available in eight pressure-support levels, from extra-soft to extra-firm, to accommodate any body weight or weight-distribution need.
Riders looking for the ultimate comfort can top their SunMate retrofitted saddle with the super-soft Pudgee, a gel-like cushion that moves as the body moves. The breathable, open-cell material is cooling and promotes moisture wicking. Made of a viscoelastic material with a dough-like consistency, Pudgee is a smart and affordable alternative to solid gel cushions.

SunMate and Pudgee are climate adaptable and saddles can be made waterproof or fire resistant. The materials are easy to work with, requiring only an electric knife and spray adhesive to apply.


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