Street Tire Primer

These treads will turn your customers' heads with performance, looks and versatility to spare.

The Traveler
Vee Rubber

Vee Rubber says it’s continuing the tradition it has set with the sport radial with its new sport touring tire, the Traveler, which offers the same value and performance for the touring rider as it did for the sport rider. The tread is designed to disperse water from the surface for excellent wet-weather riding. It has a specially formulated deep tread design for extended mileage. The Traveler has the most advanced compound for both center and sidewalls to create even wear through out the tire life, Vee says. The weight carrying capacity is designed for two-up riding and all the luggage needed by the touring rider for extended trips.

Retail Price: $160

ContiSportAttack 2
Continental Tire

This advanced, high-performance supersport tire for street riding gives extraordinarily light and precise handling with outstanding grip and curve stability. It has special construction on the front and rear wheel for higher stability and feedback when braking into and accelerating out of curves. Good cold grip and quick tire warm-up are achieved through a newly developed Black Chili tread compound that’s specially designed for performance-orientated riders. These tires also sport a traction skin that provides an extremely safe and short tire break-in thanks so the raw tread surface, which is the result of a new mold coating technology that eliminates the need for tire-release agents.

Sportmax Roadsmart II

Dunlop’s new Roadsmart II delivers sport tire handling and grip, superb wet-weather performance and extended tire life — everything road-wise sport-touring riders demand. Innovative elements gleaned from Dunlop sport and racing tires include Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) technology, MT Multi-Tread construction, new compounds,  tread patterns and more.

Retail Price: $201.59 to $292.95

Shinko 705 Dual Sport Radial Rear Tire
Shinko Tire USA

This 705 dual sport radial is DOT-approved for street or can be used for mild trail riding. The 705’s versatile tread pattern provides excellent wet and dry weather adhesion and smooth running on the highway. A four-ply carcass and a durable rubber compound resist tearing during off road use, and Aramid belts enhance high-speed performance.

Retail Price: $124.95

Commander II for Cruisers

Michelin Motorcycle Tires has launched the Commander II. Available immediately in 15 sizes in bias and radial construction, it offers a new standard in cruiser tire longevity and uncompromised handling and stability, Michelin says. The company says it has developed a new rubber compound to meet the long mileage demands of cruisers. The new compound also helps achieve excellent wet grip performance without compromising mileage. The tire also features a rigid, high-density carcass architecture, called Amplified Density Technology (ADT), which allows for maneuverability and feedback to the rider. Water dispersal is provided by longitudinal grooves in the tire tread pattern, enhancing grip in wet conditions.  The tire is wrapped up with a stylish sidewall and tread pattern.

Riders depend on you to be their one-stop shop for powersports intelligence. With fewer and fewer riders turning their own wrenches, it is critical that you keep awareness of day-to-day vehicle condition top of mind.

The Motorcycle Industry Council is in your corner, and has recently developed a Tire Guide aimed at consumers. This primer concentrates on inspection and maintenance, and also provides consumers with a basic understanding of how tires work as well as some incredibly handy reference charts.

You and your customers can easily download the entire Motorcycle Industry Council Tire Guide for free or purchase print copies at www.mic.org.

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