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Staff Pick: Doran’s 360m Wireless TPMS

This month, the MPN associate publisher gets pumped up about Doran’s 360m wireless tire pressure monitoring system.


I am, like most motorcyclists I know, always cognizant of oil changes throughout the season, but admittedly tire pressure is something I sometimes neglect more than I should. Recently, Duran Manufacturing sent me a tire pressure monitor system I thought was interesting. After installing a new set of tires and the monitor, I figured it might be quite some time before I would be able to check how the system works, but as Murphy’s Law would have it, there was a slow leak in the rear tire. Would I have noticed? Probably only after I felt like the rubber was pealing off the rim in a corner. However, as soon as the pressure dropped below the setting, a red light mounted on the handlebar (you have mounting choices with the system) glowed, letting me know I had a problem. Sure enough the rear tire was down a few pounds. The Doran 360M is wireless, mounting is simple and it works. Remind your customers that tire wear and gas mileage can be maximized if they pay attention to something as simple as tire pressure, and the Doran 360M will do it for them — well, they still have to physically fill the tires, but no more looking for the stupid tire gauge. This product is worth checking out!

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