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Spring Spikes Sizable: 2-Wheel Values Jump

We have seen some very positive developments in this market during the past month.


The spring season is a great time to get excited about motorcycles and other powersports models. We have seen some very positive developments in this market during the past month. The relatively modest changes in prices we saw in December and January are gone. February is bringing significant value increases in a number of segments. Most street and off-road segments are up 5 percent or more versus last month. This is a significant change from the 1 to 2 percent increases we have been seeing recently.

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Demand for bikes at the auctions has been strong, with dealers looking to add inventory for the upcoming selling season. Even the export market has been strong, with many overseas buyers pushing up prices at the expense of local dealers trying to stock up at this time of year.  

Cruisers are up, but by slightly less than most other street bike types. They have an average increase in price of a little less than 4 percent. It should be noted, however, that as a group, since they are generally more expensive, the cruisers have increased by higher dollar amounts than the rest of the street bikes.


ATVs and utility vehicles, having passed their peak selling season, are down slightly at the present time. Utility vehicles are down around 1 percent, while ATVs are down a little more at around 2 percent.

Showing similar seasonal trends, watercraft and jet boats are down as well, with a fairly small decline of a little over 1 percent.

Snowmobiles are up, but by a relatively small 1.5 percent, considering the time of year. The lack of snow coverage for much of the continental U.S. appears to be putting a damper on demand for sleds, and this is reflected in their weak rise in value during what should be their peak selling season.

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