Sondors Metacycle EV Motorcycle

What some EV motorcycles might lack in range and speed, Sondors X Metacycle makes up for. Find out why the electric motorcycle model has created a lot of buzz, and why its our Ride of the Week.

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Electric motorcycles aren’t new to the powersports industry, but ongoing development of EV is still happening in an effort to attract consumers on a large scale. Some electric motorcycles still have a generally low range of travel and top speed, with many cheaper options unable to keep up at highway speeds.

Zero and Energica offer higher-performance bikes more akin to numbers you would see on an internal combustion bike, but prices are still fairly steep for these models. That’s why Sondors’ Metacycle made such a huge splash when it was revealed last year for the fraction of the price of other competitive electric motorcycles.

Sondors is currently the largest electric bike distributor in the United States, with its bikes also being sold in 42 countries worldwide. The company has seen much success with its 20-mph commuter bikes and only just last year stepped into the motorcycle market.

The Metacycle has gone through a few price changes throughout its production, and currently sits at $6,000. For that price, you’d be hard pressed to find anything that isn’t a glorified scooter. In comparison, Zero’s lowest line motorcycle that has comparative specs to the Metacycle retails at $9,495.

Most of the bike’s notoriety has come from Sondors’ marketing, stating simply that the bike can travel 80 miles on one charge and reach 80 mph. Zero’s FXS can reach 85 mph, but only has a 50-mile range.

The Metacycle’s permanent magnet alternating current (PMAC) hub motor operates at a nominal 8 kW (11 hp) and peaks at 14.5 kW (20 hp). The production battery consists of just over 4,000 Wh of “superior” EV cells for greater lifespan and more continuous power, maximizing the operation of the bike. A full charge is claimed to take less than 4 hours. The 72-volt battery was put to the test on Sondors’ website, where consumers can view a test route taken with the bike along the East and West coast.

Another eye-catching feature of the Metacycle is its exclusive cast “exo-frame” with a super svelte profile. The bike is equipped with upside-down forks that adjust for rebound and compression, as well as a sculpted ergonomic saddle. Riders can stay connected via the integrated phone compartment featuring a transparent cover and wireless charging. A digital full-color display also gives important information to the rider.

The motorcycle also features hydraulic brakes, adjustable suspension, LED lighting, and Kenda 150/60 R17 rear and 110/70 R17 front tires.

After a few delays, Sondors’ Metacycle is set to ship sometime this year. After its initial pre-orders sold out immediately, the company has since reopened 2022 orders for a limited time to meet the strong and growing demand.

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