Shifting Gears: February

MIC’s Arnold W. Ackerman; MTA’s Dan Bonham (right)

End of an era. Industry icon Arnold W. Ackerman has retired after many years of service, stepping away from his seat on the Motorcycle Industry Council Board of Directors and his chairmanship of the MIC Aftermarket/Allied Trades Committee. His decision to step aside was influenced by the need to be with his wife, who was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. “I’ve been honored to be part of the MIC, which led to such efforts as fighting the lead-ban on youth-model dirt bikes and ATVs, aftermarket accessory sales regulation and positive marketing-related efforts such as the creation of AIMExpo,” Ackerman said. A lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, he founded MAG back in 2000, with the purchase of White Brothers and then expanding it to include Vance & Hines, Performance Machine, Kuryakyn and half a dozen other leading brands. “You don’t often see an amazing career like Arnie’s,” said MIC President Tim Buche. “He’s a giant in our industry. We’re really going to miss him.”

MTA adds a Vet Expert to its winning team. Dan Bonham started racing MX back in 1983 and started working in the powersports industry in 1984. During that time, Bonham has been with multiple Tucson area dealerships, managed an accessories and service shop for 12 years and worked in auto industry selling Cadillacs for five years. “Dan also owned his own shop — Supernova Cycles — for five years,” adds MTA National Marketing Manager Jeff Laird. All during this time, he has been racing local pro and Vet Expert.

NPA’s Dominick Catalfamo (left) and Nick Kister

National Powersport Auctions picks up a pair: Nick Kister is now calling on NPA dealers in Utah, Nevada and Northern California and dealers in the target-rich Southern California territory are now being called on by U.S. Marine Corps veteran Dominick Catalfamo. Formerly the retail sales manager for Motorwheels and the GM for Corse Dynamics, Kister is adept at finding new potential markets, creating a product or need for product, and then implementing the means to bring product to market. “I started as a parts specialist for Good Times Motorsports in 2007 and have since been in the industry in both retail and wholesale as a general manager and business owner,” he says. “Dominick’s attention to detail and discipline will serve his dealers well,” notes NPA Director of Sales Mike Murray. Most recently sales manager at KTM of Murrieta, Staff Sergeant Catalfamo served several hitches in the USMC. “I learned to ride streetbikes when I was stationed in Japan and did a bit of racing while I was there,” says Catalfamo. After mustering out, he started his civilian career as a sales associate at North County Motorsports in Southern California. “Having worked in sales and F&I at the dealership level gives him an insider’s understanding of the motorcycle industry and will facilitate explaining the increased revenue opportunities available to dealers utilizing NPA’s suite of services,” adds Murray.

Left to Right: Ryan Burt, Tim Nelson and Hector Trevino.

Parts Unlimited trifecta: The distribution giant has added a trio of top talent (pictured left to right): Ryan Burt, Tim Nelson and Hector Trevino. Burt will be calling on dealers in the North Central region covering Northern Michigan and comes to Parts Unlimited after years as the parts, shipping and customer service member at Holeshot Harley-Davidson. Meanwhile, Nelson is the new rep for the Central Region covering Cincinnati, Ohio. He has an extensive race history, racing for Fox in AMA District 1 for 18 years. Trevino is now repping the South Central region covering Austin/San Antonio, Texas. He joins Parts Unlimited from Woods Cycle Country where he was a sales rep and organizer of bike nights.

Traci Pickens of GBC Motorsports (left); Mustang Motorcycle Products’ Marilyn G. Simmons

Say it ain’t so! Former director, global business development at Mustang Motorcycle Products, Inc. Marilyn G. Simmons has retired. She was with the company from 1980 when her brother Al Simmons founded the operation. Don’t think that she is ready for the rocking chair rather than a motorcycle seat just yet, though. “I am enjoying retirement, but will miss seeing my friends in the industry,” says Simmons. “In fact, I may help out at some of the rallies this season.” See you at Americade and Laconia later this year Marilyn!

Traci Pickens “unretires” and is ready to race again. GBC Motorsports has formed a new partnership with the 10X GNCC ATV champ that will see her competing aboard GBC Motorsports-equipped ATVs. Pickens will also serve as a brand ambassador both on and off the race track in 2018. “We have always been in awe of Traci’s ability to showcase incredible focus and intensity on the race track while remaining humble and relatable to her fans and fellow competitors,” said GBC Motorsports Senior VP Randy Tsai. With 10 titles and 102 GNCC race wins, Pickens has placed herself firmly atop the list of all-time greats in women’s ATV racing. “Having been familiar with GBC products for many years through my husband Jeff, I really feel having them mounted to my race quad will help me continue to excel as a WXC racer,” said Pickens of the newly formed relationship.

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