Selling Skills

The "trick" to selling more units is learning how to build more value.

Every customer who comes through the door has a genuine interest in the products we sell or they wouldn’t be visiting the dealership in the first place. The "trick" is to build value.

Scott Johnson
Covington Powersports

Scott, thanks for your participation in the D.U. LIVE "Selling Skills" course. What did you learn?

I really learned a lot about closing more sales. The interesting thing was that I’ve always thought of "closing the sale" as some kind of trick or technique, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The sale happens when value exceeds price, therefore to close more sales I simply need to build more value.

That is very interesting, what do you mean by build more value?

There are three main areas that I am responsible for building value in while working the showroom floor: the product, the dealership and of course, myself. When I build value in each of these three key areas, I am providing more information to the customer to substantiate the price, which eliminates potential price objections and creates more excitement for the customer.

Chalk Talk With Dr. Nikki

1) Selling more units isn’t about learning some trick: It is about learning how to build more value.

2) Build Value in the Products: Educate yourself on the products you carry. Today’s customers are more educated than ever, so strong product knowledge is vital to earning the customer’s trust.

3) Build Value in the Dealership: How long has your dealership been in business? Do you have factory trained techs, a well stocked P&A department or a new facility? These are all ways to create value and allow your dealership to stand apart from the competition.

4) Build Value in Yourself: This doesn’t mean you should toot your own horn, but just the opposite. Be sincere and show your customers that you have a genuine interest in assisting them in making a wise buying decision.

How do you build value in the product?

That’s pretty easy as long as I have strong product knowledge for the brands we carry. Of course, that can be overwhelming because each manufacturer we represent offers 50 models. That’s why I like to read enthusiast magazines, manufacturer’s brochures and of course, Dr. Nikki, I have to take my D.U. product knowledge courses. Once I’ve learned features and benefits, all I have to do is educate the customer and spread my enthusiasm. The value will build itself.

How do you build value in your dealership?

There are several ways to build value in the dealership. I think it starts by communicating to the customer that we believe in service after the sale and that their business is going to be appreciated. Once you purchase a bike from us the relationship is just beginning. We have a fully stocked P&A department, and we also have certified factory trained technicians to ensure that their new bike is professionally maintained. And of course, should they need any warranty work, we handle it right here onsite. This is why we have been active in the community and doing business here for the past 14 years.

Wow, that’s really good Scott. So how do you build value in yourself?

This is where being genuine and sincere comes into play. Being a professional in sales isn’t about a trick or technique. Basically, if I show a genuine interest in my customer by asking the right questions, I can usually find some sort of common ground that will allow me to develop rapport. Once I am able to develop rapport and gain the customer’s trust, I have indirectly built value in myself. And again, when value exceeds price, the sale will happen.

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