How to Sell Upgraded UTV Tires

Displaying upgraded tires and wheels on showroom vehicles can drive up profit margins.

It isn’t news to any of MPN’s readers that most SxS or UTV owners will accessorize their machines as part of the purchase or post-purchase process. According to market research conducted by the Speciality Equipment Market Association, 82% of owners surveyed have purchased or plan to buy accessories for their UTV or SxSs (SxS).

One of the most popular purchases is a new set of tires; this presents a critical opportunity for increased margins for the dealers at the initial point of sale by including an updated wheel and tire package as part of their new or used UTV sales. Let’s dive into some critical reasons dealers should consider this simple yet enticing upgrade.


While many shoppers are looking for increased capability or improved handling from an upgraded set of UTV or SxS tires, there is no doubt that aesthetics play a vital role in the purchasing decision. Adding a unique set of wheels and tires can provide new or used machines in your showrooms with a more customized look without investing significant money. Whether upgrading to a larger diameter wheel or tire or a different style or color, this simple change can make your inventory and showroom stand out from the rest of the market. You can even let your customers choose from a catalog of in-stock options, giving them the feeling of ordering a custom machine without falling victim to supply chain lead times.


Modern-day UTVs and SxSs are incredibly capable machines out of the box, but many enthusiasts demand more than this stock capability. Customers are looking to push their machines further and further to the limit when it comes to their adventures, and they need a tire that can meet these demands.

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While many of the popular original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) try to offer different options and “special editions” for different terrains, no one knows the riding environments of your customers better than you. Providing an alternative that caters exactly to the environment your customer will be riding in will give you added value over the “other guys,” thus locking down that sale! Consider different options such as larger, more knobby tires for mud, paddle tires for sand, softer tires for rocks or a versatile all-terrain tire for hardpack and many other terrains.

Safety and Durability

Not all UTV and SxS tires are created equally in construction or engineering. Nylon, polyester or bias ply tires were more than sufficient for the practical tasks of these machines in days gone by, but as these machines and the demands of their riders have evolved, their tires have needed to as well.

Today’s high-performance SxSs come with ever-increasing horsepower numbers and more sophisticated suspension. These machines require a modern tire to withstand harsh and demanding conditions safely and securely. Steel-belted 8PR radial tires are becoming more and more commonplace in the segment due to their uniformity, durability and traction compared to their counterparts — especially if they are produced using modern equipment, such as segmented aluminum molds. Because of this increased durability, manufacturers are adding additional hazard protection and extended warranty terms, providing an added selling point for dealers and peace of mind for owners.

At the end of the day, the SxS and UTV market is fun, and dealers must remember that when interacting with customers in their showrooms. Upgrading units on the showroom floor is a great way to increase a machine’s “fun factor” while also providing increased capabilities, added safety and more longevity for owners while providing an increased profit margin for dealers at the point of sale.

Collin Mikottis is a true enthusiast who profoundly understands the unique needs of the passionate customer bases of the automotive and powersports markets and what they demand from products on their machines. Currently the powersports category specialist for Atturo Tire, Collin drives the sales and marketing efforts for Atturo’s exciting powersports line-up for UTVs. To learn more about Atturo’s exciting new line of tires for UTVs backed by its industry-first Trail Hazard Protection, visit https://atturo.com/sxs.

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