Sell Serious Security

The following round-up of security products will help ensure your product display reflects a maximum security mix that protects against ride-away, lift-away, tow-away and roll-away theft and will aid in location and recovery.

The value of a powersport vehicle to the owner stretches beyond dollars and cents. Regardless of whether a powersport vehicle has insurance, you must protect a powersport vehicle owner from having to go through the headache, frustration and personal violation of being a victim of theft.


In order to provide peace of mind to your customers, you need to provide serious security options that protect against many different types of theft.


For initial security, riders often choose a disc lock to secure their vehicle. Although a disc lock does provide protection against ride-away and roll-away theft, it does not provide maximum security against all types of theft. 


Whether locking at home, work or overnight, dealers must educate consumers about getting serious and using maximum security. Encourage customers to use a security chain or U-lock in addition to a disc lock to create a “security system.”  In addition, invite your customers to take advantage of technology-based systems including alarms and aid location and recovery devices.


Many riders rely too heavily on insurance. Proper security measures can help riders avoid the headache, frustration and personal violation of being a theft victim. 


Ready to get stocking? The following round-up of security products will help ensure your product display reflects a maximum security mix that protects against ride-away, lift-away, tow-away and roll-away theft and will aid in location and recovery. 

Gorilla Cycle Alarm With Remote Transmitter

Drag Specialties

Gorilla Cycle Alarm has been protecting the world’s finest motorcycles for over twenty years, and this experience shows in their cycle alarm with remote transmitter. The Gorilla Cycle Alarm is all about ultra-compact security at an affordable price. Just as loud as the big boys, the Gorilla Cycle Alarm features a powerful five-tone 120 dB piezo siren that gets the job done. It also features an adjustable shock sensor with seven levels of sensitivity to match your surroundings, a warn-away mode that sounds a warning prior to full alarm activation and a panic feature that enables you to activate the alarm siren from up to 100 feet away from a handy key fob.


Retail Price: $114.95




Rider’s Eye


Enfotrace’s RidersEye is a real-time GPS-based security and tracking device designed to offer your customers a simple, full-featured, cost-effective solution for monitoring the location and well-being of their powersport vehicle. It features a web-based control panel that can be accessed from any computer or smartphone. The system provides a map and address of the vehicle’s location and facilitates access to optional features such as a fall-over sensor, remote starter disable function or text/email security alerts. No monthly fees makes it an easy upsell.


Cyclone 886F


FreyMoto Industries engineered the Cyclone 866F to be the smallest full-featured motorcycle security system in the world. The driving force behind this compact design was the need to fit the 866F within the seat compartment of any motorcycle. With almost no space available for mounting a security device, Harley Davidson motorcycles served as the greatest design challenge. The end result is a motorcycle alarm the size of a pack of cigarettes, with features that match or beat bulkier competing products. These features include a dual axis tilt sensor, two-stage shock sensor, internal backup battery, and a built-in 120 dB siren.


Retail Price: $199.99



KryptoLok series 2 Integrated Chains


The new KryptoLok series 2 Integrated chains include 9mm four-sided chain links that secure with a new patent-pending integrated KryptoLok series 2 lock head with Talon deadbolt. The innovative chains include a new patent-pending end link design, which eliminates the critical vulnerability of a traditional integrated chain. Chains are enclosed in a nylon-webbing sleeve to protect paint from scratches and allow for compact coiling while transporting. The KryptoLok series 2 Integrated Chain is available in two lengths: 3 feet and 5 feet.  

Retail Price: 3-foot: $56.95; 5-foot: $79.95




GPS vehicle tracking


MCLocate GPS vehicle tracking boasts motion detection, low battery alert, power disconnect alert and two-minute tracking with a "breadcrumb trail". MCLocate installs with a simple two-wire hookup and provides dealers with a residual income. 

Retail Price: $699 to $999



rLiNK R-i1000 

Scorpio Alarms

The new rLiNK SR-i1000 incorporates real time GPS tracking and SMS alerts with programs that allow motorcycle enthusiasts to document and share their riding experience. Riders can track their motorcycle with the free iPhone app (an Android app is forthcoming) or from any computer. Two-way communication with unlimited range and police accessible theft tracking keep riders connected to their bike at all times. More than just theft and recovery, rLiNK allows riders to view maps of their rides and receive instant progress updates with detailed trip stats. SMS and email alerts protect the unit while also allowing riders to share trip information with friends and loved ones while out on the road. The included universal harness will connect to any powersports vehicle with an easy three-wire install. 

Retail Price:  $369.95        



Early Warning Security System

Find It Now USA (FIN)

FIN’s next generation Early Warning Security System will “Alert-Locate-Recover” motorcycles and all other powersports vehicles. Designed for theft recovery and monitoring, the newest generation is loaded with upgraded hardware and a new secured tracking site. Using GPS and cellular technology, combined with proprietary software, the FIN will alert the owner instantly if someone moves his vehicle. If it is stolen, the FIN call center or the rider can immediately begin tracking in real time and interface with the police to quickly recover the unit. 

Retail Price: $479


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