Segway Villain Inventory Sells Out, Pre-Orders Now Open

Dealer response to the new product has been overwhelmingly positive.

After opening pre-orders for the Villain sport side-by-side in October, Segway Powersports announced that by the end of November, all its available inventory had been accounted for.

“We are completely blown away by the response,” said Gabriel Cruz, marketing director for Segway Powersports. “Introducing a new product comes with a lot of preparation. As we navigate the post-COVID market, we are faced with some new challenges, but the dealer and consumer acceptance has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The Villain, a new product for the North American market in 2023, offers three different models: the 72-inch Villain SX10 WX, the 64-inch Villain SX10 X and the 64- inch Villain SX E. Generating 105 horsepower, the Villain SX10’s 1,000cc engine is extremely competitive among 1,000cc displacement level side-by-sides, with excellent low-speed performance characteristics thanks to its 65 foot-pounds of low- end torque.

The Villain SX10 WX is priced at $19,299, the SX10 X at $18,299 and the SX10 E at $16,899.

“The Villain has been well received in our dealership. We sell most brands of side-by-sides in the market and feel the Villain is top-of-class as far as performance, fit and finish. The Segway brand is recognized for innovation and technology, and it is shown in the Villain,” said Tim Crawford, regional general manager of Fox Powersports.

“The staff has been extremely excited about the addition of the Villain to the showroom floor. Customers have been drawn to their sleek aesthetic and technological features. The price point is competitive, and we have already retailed a couple of vehicles since their arrival,” said Brad Brown, general manager of RideNow Powersports Georgetown.

“Having worked closely with our sales and marketing team, we made a conservative sales volume estimate for 2022 and the Villain model. While we felt confident in our ability to reach our target, we’ve been pleasantly surprised in achieving those targets at a much faster pace than originally projected. Dealer acceptance has been strong, and it is clear there is an appetite for the technology, performance and quality Segway is delivering to the powersports industry,” said Shane Wilson, vice president of Segway Powersports.

Villain models began to ship out Dec. 10, 2022 and will continue to do so through the beginning of January. In addition, Segway Powersports is ramping up production of more models, which will be available in January. Dealers can begin to pre-order their units now and will receive preferential allotment as inventory becomes available. Be sure to contact your territory sales rep to place your Villain pre-order.

For more information about the Villain, visit www.segwaypowersports.us/villain.

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