SCHUBERTH R2 with Integrated SC1 Communication System Wins MOTORRAD’s Helmet Test 2018

The best helmet with an integrated communication system is the SCHUBERTH R2, according to a comparative test carried out by the European magazine MOTORRAD.

The best helmet with an integrated communication system is the SCHUBERTH R2, according to a comparative test carried out by the European magazine MOTORRAD.

The SCHUBERTH R2 with the integrated SC1 communication system features the best connectivity of all the ten helmets tested. In their conclusion, the testers from Europe’s largest motorcycle magazine even speak of “almost perfect plug-and-play solutions,” awarding the SCHUBERTH R2 an ‘excellent’ final rating with 90 out of a possible 100 points.

SCHUBERTH laid the foundation for its test victory by cleverly designing the helmet with the communication system in mind. “When developing the R2, from the start we made sure that every motorcyclist would be able to fit the SC1 in two easy steps. And given our cooperation with SENA, it is no surprise that the SC1 delivers on connection and sound quality,” says Thomas Schulz, Head of Product Management at SCHUBERTH.

The SCHUBERTH R2 also impressed the judges in many other respects. “An ultra-stable fit with pleasantly firm padding; extensive, easy-to-operate ventilation inlets; very large field of view; convenient pre-integrated Bluetooth equipment for DIY installation,” is how MOTORRAD sums up the advantages. “No Bluetooth system is currently easier to install than SCHUBERTH’s.”

SCHUBERTH offers the R2 in the sizes XS to XXL for $479 in four plain colors and for $569 in twelve different designs. The SC1 STANDARD communication system is already available for $229, while the SC1 ADVANCED (with additional functions such as radio and music sharing) retails for $349.



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