Curtiss Motorcycle Co.’s ‘The 1’ Electric Motorcycle

Carrying a price tag of $120,000, a range of 120 miles and only offered in a limited collection of 120 bikes, The 1 aims to reinvent motoring on two wheels.

Celebrating its 120th anniversary, Curtiss Motorcycle Co. just launched its latest, and possibly greatest, motorcycle to date. Simply named The 1, this custom motorcycle honors Curtiss founder Glenn Hammond Curtiss and his historic, lasting legacy. The 1 has sights set on becoming an icon for electric transportation, and will be a limited edition of 120 electric motorcycles with each bike carrying a $120,000 price tag.

Of course, those familiar with Curtiss Motorcycle Co. will know that founder Glenn Hammond Curtiss began manufacturing motorcycles in 1902, and was among the pioneers of the iconic all-American V-twin engine, among other things. Fast forward to 2016, the company was reborn thanks to current CEO Matt Chambers and a small team of passionate American road bike experts. Part of the rebirth of Curtiss is a mission to deliver precisely crafted electric motorcycles that are built to last forever and deliver the ultimate and smoothest ride.

With The 1, Curtiss introduces the reinvention of luxury motoring on two wheels. The 1, designed from the inside out, is a first, featuring a proprietary architecture designed for radical scale. This architectural platform will be featured on every Curtiss motorcycle of the future.

Curtiss currently holds a patent for a symmetrical motorcycle design, which allows the company to create a perfectly centered motorcycle from the inside out and achieve geometric and ergonomic adjustability, precision, and full immersion liquid cooling. This patented axis-centered design operating system makes the motorcycle entirely and completely symmetrical, offering riders a balanced, easy, smooth ride. Additionally, Curtiss Motorcycles offer battery, radiator and backbone singularity, as well as precision-machined billet aluminum and titanium, and are designed in three types.

The 1 will be the first bike to feature this perfectly-centered design, and changes the way motorcycles ride, look and feel, offering both new and experienced riders perfect balance, ideal proportion, hyper-luxury, and hassle-free control. In fact, Curtiss’ philosophy of “1-life / 1-bike” means that The 1 is designed and handcrafted to last forever, giving you an heirloom quality machine to hand down from one generation to the next. With a fully-modular battery power pack, The 1 can be upgraded over time (first battery refresh included), resulting in a better machine over generations of ownership.

“The 1 demonstrates how the new age of electrification has forever changed what is possible on two wheels,” says CEO Matt Chambers. “The 1 turns heads everywhere it rides with its beautiful, harmonious balance and proportion. Its patented, modular proprietary platform architecture will serve as the basis for every future Curtiss motorcycle.”

The fully-immersed Curtiss Power Hex battery offers a range of 120 miles (hwy) and 75 miles (city), and powers a 217 hp Axial Flux motor. The three versions of The 1 will be the 1907 Racing Livery, the Hades and the 120 year anniversary collection.

The 1 made its initial conceptual debut under the codename “Hades” in 2019. To commemorate that new beginning, the ultra-limited Hades edition is available with either a raw or black chassis, each featuring a red battery vessel and shock springs, and is limited to just 13 examples.

The 1907 Racing Livery version was inspired by Glenn Curtiss’ own exotic V8 motorcycle that he rode to a record-shattering 136.36 mph in 1907, earning him the title “World’s Fastest Man.” That bike, nicknamed The 8, now resides in the Smithsonian, but it inspired this rich black-anodized collection, featuring white accent pin-striping and bare carbon fiber. This version is limited to only 36 examples.

The 120 collection is offered in bare, aircraft-grade billet machined aluminum featuring a selection of four accent colors – Tiger Yellow, Bayou Green, French Blue or Crimson Red – and is limited to 120 examples.

The 1 features multi-link front and rear suspension with multiple adjustments for trail and ride height. This means that you can fine-tune your machine to your exacting specification. Further, in-depth handlebar fine-tuning and 20 different foot peg mount locations allow you to adjust your ride to your mood.

Built for motorcycle, luxury, sustainability, and EV fans alike, Curtiss is giving investors a ground floor opportunity to own the motorcycle brand of the future through its ongoing direct-to-investor offer.

The 1 honors Curtiss’ historic, lasting legacy, and any riders eager to pre-order the $120,000 motorcycle can make a deposit to reserve The 1 by Curtiss. The 1 should see the road by spring/summer 2024.

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