Rollick Gives Dealers ‘Reserve Now’ Option to Address Shortages

Rollick Inc., has announced that every GoRollick dealer in its network will now have access to the Reserve Now feature of its digital retailing solution for no extra cost through the end of 2021. RollickDR also contains integrated modules that allow users to view publicly available incentives and special offers, get a trade-in value estimate, schedule an appointment and use a payment calculator.  

“We’ve seen overwhelmingly positive results on RollickDR since launching the solution in early April,” said Bernie Brenner, CEO of Rollick. “We have millions of members and employee groups through our strategic partnerships with trusted affinity organizations. They expect and appreciate the ability to provide more information to dealers while online when it improves their experience and speeds up the purchase process.” 

Since launching in April 2021, dealers using RollickDR report close rates that are 50% higher than a standard lead capture form. The tool also generates 87% more overall leads for dealers due to the many ways that a consumer can engage to buy the vehicle they’re interested in.

The pilot showed that 40% of users who submit a lead also complete a pre-qualification. Those customers who pass the pre-qualification check closed at a rate of 240% higher than a standard lead submitted by a consumer outside of the RollickDR tool.   

Existing GoRollick network dealers will have the tool added for no additional charge starting in July.

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