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Riders on the Road Equal Money in your Pocket

It’s a simple equation. More riders equal more miles, equal more service visits, equal more money for you. The only problem is how to put that equation into motion.


It’s a simple equation:
•    More riding equals more miles
•    More miles equals more service visits
•    More service visits equals more money for you

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Pretty simple, huh? The only problem is how to put that equation in motion.

Following are five ideas guaranteed to get more riders on the road in 2012.

1. Organize a dealer ride. Motorcyclists tend to be a social lot, so it’s imperative that your business promotes group rides. Pre-ride “Service Specials” should be advertised so your customers have time to schedule in advance. Don’t forget to call on your destination location to advise that you are sending a group their way; this allows you to negotiate a group discount, a true benefit for your customers.


2. Organize/sponsor overnight trips. Take Idea #1 a step further by keeping in mind that touring-class bikes are meant just for what the names says: touring. Enlist the aid of a local motorcycle tour operator for cross-promotion opportunities. Consider sponsoring a “Send-Off Breakfast” or “Welcome-Back BBQ.”  Invite all of your customers to participate on the tour and accompanying events. All trip literature should include a packing list including travel bags, stereo, communication equipment and foul-weather gear all of which you of course have in stock. You should also include an offer to schedule a specially discounted pre-tour bike inspection.


3) Think of the season as year-long. No matter the weather, encourage riding with a contest for the most miles put on a bike for each month and for the entire season. This requires your dealership to log registration and odometer reading. Posters with factory-maintenance schedule information and reminder mailings sent to registrants will keep your service department hopping. An end-of-contest event for all registrants should include awarding prizes for most miles ridden — guaranteed to end the season on an up note.

4) Keep customers aware of events. Be sure to dedicate a space in your shop and on your website to keep your customers informed about local rallies, rides and events. Produce a calendar with club meeting dates, rally registration deadlines, website links and other helpful information to excite your customers to get out touring. Additionally, allow customers to post photos of themselves on their bikes at events. A picture’s worth a thousand words.


5) Gift incentives. Everyone likes getting something for free, and bikers are no different. Why not offer new bike owners, service-department clientele and Facebook contest winners a gift? Motorcycle maps, discount coupons to motorcycle friendly eateries/attractions or tickets to an event in the next county are all great ways to get your customers out on the road, putting miles on their bikes and guaranteeing service visits. Use the ingenuity of your marketing team for how best to use these giveaways as an incentive.

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