REV’IT! Fall/Winter 2022 Protectors

Developed to beat back impacts.

Motorcyclists — novices and veterans alike — understand the value of effective energy absorption. Here are five CE-approved REV’IT! products engineered to soften the impact of a fall.

The human body has three types of joints, two of which allow free or limited movement. The former, which includes the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, is the primary focus for the SEEFLEX and SEESMART protection commonly found in REV’IT! riding jackets and pants. SEESOFT and Tryonic back protectors are tasked with looking after the latter type of joint, namely the vertebrae of the spine.

Tryonic Back Protector See+

Tryonic Back Protector See+

Built around an energy-absorbing expanded-polystyrene core, the CE-level 2-certified Tryonic Back Protector See+ follows the natural curvature of the spine. And it’s light: Averaged across four sizes — S to XL — this articulated design with tailbone coverage weighs 660 grams. A patented Tryonic Custom Fit adjustable belt closure ensures a comfortable fit for a broad range of male and female body types. The See+ has been tested to negative 20 degrees Celsius with no loss in performance.

SEESOFT Type RV Back Protector

SEESOFT Type RV Back Protector

Most REV’IT! riding jackets are fitted with internal pockets tailor-made for a SEESOFT Type RV Back Protector. CE-certified to EN1621-2:2014 – level 2 and available in four sizes, this layered memory-foam design can withstand multiple impacts without compromising comfort, freedom of movement or ventilation. In the case of severe angular impact, the individual layers will shift relative to one another, dispersing forces over a larger effective surface area and minimizing the energy transferred to the back and the spine.

SEESOFT Divided Chest Protector

SEESOFT Divided Chest Protector

Chest protection is an important and often-overlooked rider-safety measure. The SEESOFT CE-level 1 Divided Chest Protector is easily inserted into a select number of REV’IT! riding jackets prepared with the proper pockets. In the event of an impact, this one-size-fits-all, multi-layer foam guard absorbs and distributes energy across the upper torso, protecting critical organs and tissue. Deep incisions above and below the ventilation points promote flexibility and provide a correct fit.

SEESMART RV33 Hip Protector Set

SEESMART RV33 Hip Protector Set

REV’IT! offers different types of hip protection, which vary in size and shape depending on the application. The SEESMART RV33 Hip Protector Set passes EN1621-1:2012 CE-level 1 impact tests in both normal and hot weather conditions. Lightweight, flexible and ventilated, the RV33 hip protectors are virtually unnoticeable when riding a motorcycle or even casually walking around, yet they have demonstrated the ability to greatly reduce the effects of an impact in the event of a tip over.

Scram Knee Protector

Scram Knee Protector

The Scram Knee Protector represents the highest level of knee protection that REV’IT! produces. Incorporating award-winning SEEFLEX RV12 CE-level 2 armor, this socklike pull-on covers the knee and part of the shin; when combined with the Expedition GTX boot, no part of the lower leg is left exposed. Two adjustment straps — one above the knee and one at the calf — deliver a comfortable, non-binding fit. The Scram Knee Protector is compatible with the DIRT Series Continent and Peninsula pants.

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