MPN Reviews: 2024 Can-Am Ryker Rally and Spyder RT

These three-wheelers are the perfect way to bring new riders, especially females, into the fold.

One of the issues constantly facing the motorcycle and powersports industry is how to attract more riders. Of course, the lowest hanging fruit would be to bring in more women riders. According to a Motorcycle Industry Council report, only an average of 10% of new motorcycle owners in the past year were female, which means there are plenty of other women to attract to the industry.

One of the biggest hurdles in getting women to ride is overcoming the intimidation factor, whether that’s because of the size of the vehicles, the sense of unease being in open air on the road or because of how technical riding a motorcycle can be.

Meagan Kusek on 2024 Can-Am Spyder RT
MPN Editor Meagan Kusek aboard the 2024 Can-Am Spyder RT
Photo courtesy of Drew Ruiz (Illuminent Co.)

Hence the importance of International Female Ride Day — an annual event when women riders from across the globe unite to celebrate their love of riding motorcycles and powersport vehicles. This year, IFRD fell on May 4, and Can-Am invited me, a few other female powersports editors, as well as a couple of Can-Am brand ambassadors, to fly out to Southern California and test ride the 2024 Ryker and Spyder three-wheelers.

In true IFRD spirit, we editors were novices when it came to three-wheeled motorcycles, so this was the perfect testing ground, and let me tell you, I had a blast.

Meagan Kusek on 2024 Can-Am Ryker Rally
Getting used to the controls on the Ryker was fairly simple.

The ride started out in Temecula, California, smack dab between Los Angeles and San Diego. Temecula Motorsports graciously hosted us for the morning, helping us to get familiar with the Can-Ams. Of course, these Ryker and Spyder models had literally just rolled off the manufacturing floor and got shipped directly to the dealership, so even the rep showing us the ins and outs had to take a minute to familiarize himself with all the new features.

I did the first leg of the journey on a 2024 Ryker Rally and the second leg aboard the 2024 Spyder RT, so I got a great sense for both an entry-level model and its luxurious cousin. Now, I could rattle off some technical specs about these models that may or may not mean anything to you, but what I’m here to tell you is how it felt riding them.

2024 Ryker Rally

Let’s start with the Ryker Rally.

One of the key points of ease for this model is the fully automatic CVT transmission: no clutch, no shifting, no nothing. For anyone who’s only ever driven an automatic car, this allows you to focus just on the enjoyment of the ride itself. The Ryker even has a reverse function, though it’s operated by a lever near the left foot peg. What’s also a nice transition from driving cars to the Ryker is that the three-wheeled brakes are operated by a foot pedal and not a hand brake, as on a standard motorcycle.

2024 Can-Am Ryker Rally
2024 Can-Am Ryker Rally

Steering definitely takes some getting used to. You won’t be executing any tight turns, but steering a Can-Am three-wheeler feels more or less like steering an ATV, personal watercraft or snowmobile. In addition, the Ryker does not come with a windshield installed, so prepare to feel the wind beating against you and getting bugs all up in your visor — and for that reason, along with safety, we fully recommend wearing a full-face helmet.

The Ryker’s saddle is comfortable enough for short rides, but after about half an hour, you start to feel the soreness kick in. However, the KYB HPG suspension helps absorb any bumps in the road.

Meagan Kusek on 2024 Can-Am Ryker Rally
The Can-Am Ryker is a sporty, entry-level model.
Photo courtesy of Drew Ruiz (Illuminent Co.)

Because this is a sporty, entry-level model, the extra features are pretty bare-bones. Your only cargo storage is a 1.85-gallon glovebox, but it does contain a USB port, which is a plus. The digital display instrumentation features your standard speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trips, distance to empty, engine lights, fuel gauge, clock and riding mode — whether that’s ECO or Rally.

On another note, though this is an accessory Can-Am offers and does not come standard on the Ryker, the model I rode was installed with one of Can-Am’s RAM Mount X-Grip smartphone holders. While the pro is that it can adapt to any size smartphone as well as different angles and directions, I wasn’t impressed with the gripping feature. You have to really make sure your phone is snug, and even when you think it is, it might not be. I experienced the heart-stopping moment of my phone popping loose from the gripper during the ride. Luckily, the wind caused it to land right on my thigh, where I was able to catch it.

Can-Am RAM Mount

However, with all this in mind, the rugged Ryker Rally, which starts at an MSRP of $14,599, is competitively priced with some of your more entry-level bikes.

2024 Spyder RT

In comparison, the Spyder RT was designed as a sport-touring three-wheeler, and at a starting price of $26,599, it has the luxurious features to match it.

This model features a six-speed, semi-automatic transmission, meaning you do have to shift gears, but it’s all done with the touch of a button on the handlebar and no clutch, making it very simple. However, the model does downshift automatically, so if you forget while you’re braking to get into a lower gear, it’s no big deal. In addition, a reverse function is included in the gearshift, so with a combination push and a twist of the throttle, you’re ready to roll out backwards. However, that extra twist is somewhat counterintuitive to shifting into reverse, and figuring out how to do that was probably the hardest part of riding the Spyder.

Meagan Kusek on 2024 Can-Am Spyder RT
The Can-Am Spyder is a luxury touring model.
Photo courtesy of Drew Ruiz (Illuminent Co.)

The Spyder RT also comes with an adjustable windshield that raises and lowers with the touch of a button. Riding with a windshield creates an altogether different experience. Whereas the wind was coursing through me on the Ryker, I didn’t feel any of it on the Spyder due to the deflection. The pros? No bugs! The cons? I was actually getting a bit hot with the sun beating down straight into my helmet and jacket, and I honestly missed having a bit of the wind cooling me off through my well-ventilated jacket. But, that would actually be preferable on cooler riding days.

Like the Ryker Rally, the Spyder RT operates with a foot-pedal brake, but since this model is affixed with Brembo four-piston calipers, the stopping power is noticeably more instantaneous. In addition, the double-A arms with anti-roll bar and SACHS big-bore shocks make for a much smoother ride than on the Ryker.

One of the luxury, standout features of the Spyder RT is its 10.25-inch touchscreen display with Bluetooth, BRP Connect and Apply Car Play. In addition to the standard information displays, it also includes hour meters, fuel consumption average, gear position, temperature and a radio. A four-speaker sound system pumps out your tunes on the road.

2024 Can-Am Spyder RT dashboard
The 2024 Can-Am Spyder RT’s adjustable windshield, touchscreen display and rider control area

Now, what makes this a true sport-tourer are the features made specifically for long rides.  The two-passenger seat was far more comfortable than what’s on the Ryker and also includes lumbar support. The Spyder RT also features touring floorboards instead of foot pegs, which makes it easier to rest your feet and legs on a long journey. In addition, the passenger footboards are adjustable. Heated grips and a premium LED headlight round everything off.

As far as cargo area goes, the Spyder RT not only features a 0.36-gallon glove box with a USB port, but also a “frunk” — or a “front trunk” — as well as integrated hard side cases for a total of 31 gallons of storage space.

Conclusion: Perfect for New Riders

All in all, as someone who is new to riding and someone who hadn’t done a 100-mile ride in anything but a car, I felt like I nearly got the full motorcycle experience: bugs on my helmet visor, buffeting winds, leaning into all my turns and just that bit of saddle soreness. The only things I didn’t have to deal with were balancing and using a clutch — but for a novice like me, that was for the best. I got to experience the full joy of the ride without worrying about how to ride. In addition, I didn’t feel nearly as apprehensive as I thought I would be out in the open instead of enclosed in a car. The Ryker and Spyder were both large enough to make me feel seen and sturdy enough to make me feel comfortable driving in traffic.

Women riders on Can-Am three-wheelers
International Female Ride Day 2024 was a success in my book!
Photo courtesy of Drew Ruiz (Illuminent Co.)

So, if you’re looking to introduce anyone — especially women — to the world of riding, I highly recommend the Can-Am three-wheelers as a start. Seize the day with these models so you can focus on embracing every moment of the ride — which, after all, is what it’s all about.

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