Review: SA1NT Women’s Unbreakable High-Rise Skinny Jeans

With a high percentage of Dyneema in SA1NT’s UNBREAKABLE denim, the jeans are 200 times stronger than your traditional Levis, and have a slide time of six seconds, or 246 feet.

I am always on the lookout for my next pair of riding jeans, as they are the most comfortable and versatile part of a rider’s wardrobe on and off the motorcycle. I am both a commuter rider and a weekend warrior, and I don’t want to make a wardrobe change when I arrive at the office on Monday morning, which is why my pants selection is so important.

SA1NT, a leading Australian motorcycle apparel company announced in January 2021 that they entered into the U.S. market. SA1NT is widely known for their UNBREAKABLE fabric technology.

In 2015, the company created the world’s first single-layer, CE-approved motorcycle denim, featuring Dyneema, a proprietary fabric technology 15-times stronger than steel and made from the same fiber that tethers space shuttles and armors helicopters. Through a multitude of formulaic testing, which includes the UNBREAKABLE denim lifting a 2.4-ton container, SA1NT blended merino and cotton with Dyneema to create a combination of the highest-grade abrasion resistance and tear protection, along with all-day comfort for riders.

With a high percentage of Dyneema in SA1NT’s UNBREAKABLE denim, the jeans are 200 times stronger than your traditional Levis, and have a slide time of six seconds, or 246 feet.

SA1NT offers a complete line of men’s and women’s riding and casual wear, along with work wear in additional cuts, colors and levels of protection. Like a kid on Christmas, I couldn’t wait to try the clothing!

The Test Ride

I chose the women’s UNBREAKABLE High-Rise Skinny Jeans in indigo and put them to the test. The indigo color is perfect because it matches basically everything in my wardrobe. It is a little darker than a basic blue jean but was light enough to differentiate from other styles of jeans in my closet. The dying process is unique too, meaning different garments will vary slightly in color. It is also recommended that you avoid sitting on your Aunt Sue’s pristine white couch during the first few weeks of owning these jeans, as the indigo dye may bleed onto white or light garments and upholstery. 

These jeans specifically are made with a single-layer 25% Dyneema-enhanced denim that is fabric tested to an AA Rating on impact abrasion resistance and garment certified to EN17092-4:2020 “B.”

I am a big fan of high-rise pants, especially for riding because I don’t want to have to “make an adjustment” at a stoplight if my shirt rides up. These jeans sit nicely on the hips, right at the bellybutton. From a riding position, these jeans didn’t gap at the top of the hip, which is always a concern when it comes to riding pants for me, and because of this, it eliminated a distraction on the road, allowing me to enjoy the ride.

I am vertically challenged, measuring in at only 5-ft. 5-in. The pants have a 31-in. inleg measurement, meaning I had about an extra inch of fabric sitting at my ankles. As a result of the pants being a little longer for my height, I simply folded the bottom of the jeans into a cuff, which sat nicely over the laces of my boots and felt on-trend.

I liked the fact that these jeans weren’t simply “boot-cut riding jeans” and they were form fitting to a woman’s body under the classification of skinny jeans. As previously mentioned, the ankles of the jeans had enough give to slide over my boots, and they shaped around my knees like a memory foam pillow would around your head. They also adhered to my curves in the seat, boosting my ego when I arrived at my destination.

When I first put these pants on, they were stiff, because of the Dyneema protective fabric. I was a little concerned with how comfortable they would be on the road. Being brand-new, I just needed to give these jeans time to break in as I would with a pair of boots, and after a few days of riding, these jeans could easily replace any pair in my wardrobe without question.

Though the SA1NT website mentions that these jeans run true to size, if you prefer a little extra wiggle room like I do, order a size up.

My wardrobe contains both men’s and women’s riding jeans because 90% of the time, I’m looking for the best protection over style. Most of the jeans I own in men’s sizes offer much more protection than the more fashionable women’s riding jeans. To my surprise, the SA1NT UNBREAKABLE women’s jeans look great and are significantly more durable than anything else I own to date, which gives me extra confidence that these jeans will protect me in the event of an accident. If you don’t believe me, just watch their sliding tests and strength test videos and see for yourself.

For more information about SA1NT and their UNBREAKABLE jeans, visit saint.cc.

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